How to Make a Grand Entrance with Your Special Event

March 20, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Of all the event planning details you’re careful to oversee, those elements responsible for making a great first impression may be some of the most important. And one of those elements is the entrance for your event. 

Whether you’re rolling out the New York red carpet at a charity gala or creating a designer corporate trade show registration station, what your event guests experience first really matters. If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for sprucing up your grand entrance first impressions, this is the suggestion list event planners need to see!

Bringing in Elements of Art to Your Event Entrance

Dazzle your event guests with brilliant works of art upon entry. Whether you’re bringing in street artists or conventional art gallery pieces, line your entrance with plenty of visual and artistic elements. These can be especially impressive if your event entrance forms a line of attendees slowly moving to check in or gain access. 

Incorporate a Bridge

You can design a bridge element in your event entrance, either literally or aesthetically designed. Bridges symbolize connections and union. They’re transformative for guests as they enter an event space, too. Help guests feel like they’re stepping into another world. Make it foster an environment of welcoming and connecting two realms. 

Extend Your Event Theme to the Entrance

Event planners will often choose unique event themes for creating the most memorable and engaging parties, celebrations, and company meetings. But don’t forget to extend those brilliant themes to the entrance of your event venue and even outside. If your event is a jungle theme, for example, have trees, vines, and jungle sounds playing throughout your entrance. If it’s a Hawaiian luau, consider offering leis to guests at the door, having Hula dancers perform, or invite guests to limbo upon arrival. 

Make Smart Use of Welcome Videos

Consider creating a professional welcome video for event guests that outlines the purpose of the event and shares the exciting lineup of activities. These videos can be shared digitally with your event app. But they can also be on display using presentation screens at the entrance. When attendees have to wait in line to gain access, the video can build excitement and enthusiasm for the series of entertainment and activities to come.

Archways and Florals

Transform the look and feel of an event with stunning floral arrangements and designer archways that bring the wow factor. These elements are entirely customizable to blend with your event themes. So get creative with color combinations, plants, flowers, balloons, and lighting. 

Make It Multi-Sensory

You’ll incorporate all the best event amenities inside the event venue to engage, entertain, and delight your guests. But you can also make a huge first impression when you incorporate those multi-sensory experiences at the front door too. Introduce aromas and music to complement the visuals. Offer soft touches, like comfortable seating for those who may have to wait before gaining access to the event. Tap into all five senses for guests as soon as they arrive and prepare them for the experiential event to come.

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