Selecting the Best Custom-Branded Swag for Event Giveaways

May 12, 2022 Jessica Stewart

72% of customers tie the quality of branded swag to a company's reputation. With so much at stake, it's important that companies invest in quality and useful swag. 

What is swag? Swag refers to free marketing materials given to customers and employees with your brand on them. Swag can be cups, pens, tech accessories, or bags. 

Providing swag to customers and employees is a great way to strengthen relationships. Keep reading to learn more about how to use branded swag. And some of the best corporate swag ideas. 

Unique Swag Ideas for Different Strategies

One way to create branded swag is to focus on specific marketing events. And then create promotional products that align with your end goal. For example: 

-New product launches

-New employee onboarding

-Lead generation

-Brand awareness

-New market penetration

-Customer retention 

Each of these activities will have a different goal and target audience. It's important to understand what your target audience would enjoy and use. Then create promotional swag that will make a positive impression! 

Company Swag Ideas for Employees

New talent acquisition is a great time to shower new hires with branded swag. This will make your new employees feel welcome and make a positive impact on your brand image. 

Examples of employee swag items include: 

-Technology gadgets that align with your company

-Branded shirts 

-Branded lanyards 

-Desk organizers

-Business cardholders



-Phone chargers


Considering what your new hire will do each day and providing them with useful freebies will make a great impression! And it will make them feel like they are appreciated before they've even started working for your company. 

Best Swag Ideas

There are so many swag ideas companies could consider. The shortlist includes: 

-Custom swag boxes

-Silicon phone wallets

-Mini tech bags

-Wireless charging mouse pads

-WebCam covers

-Phone wallets with stands



-Lip balms

-Care kits

-Hand sanitizers

-Reusable straws


-Luggage tags

When choosing what branded swag to invest in, there are a few things to consider. We'll discuss them below. 

Branded Swag 

Branding at an event or party is a must. You want attendees to ingrain your brand into their minds. And associate a positive and fun experience with your company. 

It's important your brand message and image are conveyed on swag. And consider where the swag will be handed out. If you're at an event located at the beach, a hoodie might not be the best idea. 

But overall, the most important aspect is to be unique. You want your branded swag to make a positive and lasting impression. 

Learn More Event Strategies 

Are you ready to take what you learned and create branded swag? Whether it's for employees or customers, we're sure the receiver will appreciate it! Keep in mind branded swag should be a component of an overarching marketing strategy. 

Read more about how to create an effective marketing strategy on our blog. Don't miss the Event Planner Expo 2022 coming to New York City this October!


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