The Top Corporate Event Entertainment Trends You Need to Know

February 22, 2023 Jessica Stewart

The global events market is projected to be worth over 1500 billion dollars by 2028. If you hold corporate events, it's important to keep on top of what sorts of entertainment are currently popular. That's how you bring people in, after all!

Let's go through the top corporate event entertainment trends you need to succeed.

Virtual Events

With the rise of remote work and the pandemic, virtual events have become increasingly popular. Virtual events can include live performances, interactive workshops, and virtual games.

Some more creative virtual event entertainment ideas you might want to incorporate into your online event include:

  • Set up a virtual escape room, where teams have to solve puzzles and challenges together in order to "escape" the virtual room.
  • Host a virtual game show where employees can participate in challenges and win prizes.
  • Organize a virtual talent show where employees can showcase their talents (e.g., singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, etc.)

You can even get creative and look for options that particularly pertain to your company. It's up to you!

Health and Wellness Activities

Health and wellness activities, such as yoga and meditation sessions, have become popular at corporate events as a way to promote relaxation and stress management among attendees. After all, the corporate world can be a breeding ground for burnout.

If you're hosting a virtual event, consider hosting a virtual fitness class where an instructor can lead employees through a workout.

For an in-person event, things can be more complicated. If people are coming out of town, they may not have appropriate workout clothing with them. So, you'll have to get creative.

Meditation classes are one form of self-care that has a low barrier to entry. Or, you could institute stress management workshops. Employees can learn techniques for managing stress. These might include deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation.

If you have a bigger budget, of course, there are more options for you. Companies can offer employees the opportunity to get their blood pressure, cholesterol, or other health indicators checked. You can also give out massages. Companies can hire masseuses to give employees seated or standing massages to help them relax.

If you're out in the country, take advantage of your surroundings. Getting outside and getting some exercise can be a great way to boost morale and help employees feel energized.

Immersive Experiences

Corporations are looking for ways to create unique, memorable experiences for their guests. This can include escape rooms, virtual reality experiences, and interactive exhibits.

This could also be a good way to show off your brand by incorporating experiential marketing into the mix. Companies are using events to create immersive, interactive experiences. These help showcase their brand and products. This can include things like product demonstrations, interactive exhibits, and experiential activations.

Immersive experiences are also a great way to improve attendee engagement. They're active, not passive, so people won't just be sitting there.

That's especially important when you're planning an event in New York event spaces since a lot of the local attendees will have seen a lot of the usual choices already.

Personalized Experiences

Customized events that cater to the interests and preferences of attendees are becoming more popular. This can include personalized gifts, customized menus, and activities that cater to specific interests.

You may want to take a survey before you start planning your event, so you can gauge employee interest. Or, try out having focus groups with your employees.

If you're not sure how to get started, you might want to talk to a New York event planner to see what they recommend.


Many corporations are looking for ways to make their events more sustainable, including using eco-friendly decorations, sourcing locally grown food, and reducing waste. This can also extend to your entertainment options.

Include entertainment with positive social messages and values, such as environmentalism or inclusivity.

Interactive Food and Beverage Stations

Instead of traditional sit-down meals, corporations are opting for interactive food and beverage stations where attendees can try different types of food and drinks.

Of course, you need to take dietary restrictions and any health issues into consideration. You should allow attendees to anonymously report their dietary needs so that they'll be able to fully enjoy your event.

At a minimum, you'll need options for vegetarians and vegans, those who adhere to kosher or halal rules, lactose-free foods, and gluten-free choices.

Incorporating Technology

The use of technology is becoming more common at corporate events as a way to enhance the overall experience and facilitate networking. This could include things like a dedicated app for the event.

But incorporating technology can be great for your entertainment, too. Virtual reality is one excellent option for corporate events.

Stick To The Theme

The theme of your corporate event will also play a role in what sort of entertainment is appropriate.

For example, you might be hosting an event for an electronics company. So why not have an electronica band as your entertainment?

You may also ask your entertainment to incorporate your theme into your event. You could talk to them about wearing themed costumes. If you hired an improv group, you can ask them to theme their skits around prompts that reflect your event.

Try Out These Corporate Event Entertainment Trends Today

There are a lot of corporate event entertainment options out there. So you'll have to decide which of these trends are best for your company. Are you looking for more event planning advice?

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