How to Promote an Event Using Pinterest

February 19, 2020 Jessica Stewart

Do you have an event coming up that you want to bring to as many people's attention as possible? Is social media marketing starting to sound appealing?

If so, then it may be time to give Pinterest a shot at helping you make sure that your event is a full house. This free website allows you to use a variety of content to entertain and inform people about what your event has to offer.

With our tips on planning events, you will be able to keep your event planning business running for a long time.

Here are some pointers to follow for how to promote an event with Pinterest.

1. Plan Ahead

Some of you may have an important event coming up next month, while others have occasions scheduled for four to five months from now. While that sounds like a long time to prepare, that doesn't mean you should take your time.

Starting now will allow people to become familiar with your brand and event right away and determine if the occasion is of interest to them. That's where Pinterest's pins come in handy, as they allow you to save promotional images months in advance.

Your pins could include dates, locations, and other information that guests should know. Be sure to include colorful and fun images, as well as those that are factual so that guests don't experience false advertising.

2. Focus on Venues for How to Promote an Event

The more prospective guests know about the location of your event, the easier they will figure out if the occasion will be a good investment of their time. When you begin your Pinterest promotion, your venue should be a top priority.

Images and videos of your venue and people in and around it will let people know what to expect when they attend. Names and addresses of these locations must also be included.

Make sure that the content showcases how flashy and entertaining the venue can be for your event. Make sure to pick a clean and well-structured venue in a safe area so that people will feel comfortable attending.

3. Give Sponsors and Partners some Publicity

The best way to promote an event involves taking actions that get people interested in attending more of yours in the future. Part of that is giving the right people the right amount of attention.

Use Pinterest to showcase your sponsors, partners, and other people responsible for getting your business attention and helping with finances. Images of these individuals and videos explaining their success will add legitimacy to your business.

It also helps to use Pinterest content to promote sponsors and partners' services to people who attend. This will allow these people to keep assisting with your business, as well as lead to additional partners.

4. Showcase Local Attractions

When it comes to how to use Pinterest to promote business, you need to consider outside elements. For events, your guests will want to engage in more activities than those available at the venue.

Some attendants will be staying in town for several days with the main objective being showing up to your event. If you want to keep them satisfied for the whole visit, then use Pinterest to let them know what they can do before your event.

Use GIFs, videos, and photos of local attractions, such as museums, restaurants, bars, night clubs, amusement parks, and monuments. Guests will be able to have a fun time throughout their stay, and they will feel more obligated to attend future events if you hold them in towns and cities full of sources of entertainment.

5. Combine Pinterest with Your Website

There is never enough information that you can provide potential guests to make sure they know what to expect from your event. That's where embedding Pinterest's Place Board into your website comes in handy.

Combining Pinterest with your site will allow guests to make the right decisions when it comes to sticking around for your event. This includes when certain parts of the event start, who will be attending, and what hotels you can stay at.

The Pins can be included on different pages of your website so that visitors have easy access to information about your event. This will also make sure that traffic to your site goes up.

Our Take

Those trying to figure out how to promote an event should consider what Pinterest and similar platforms have to offer. The content you can create will generate interest in what your occasion has to offer.

Informing potential guests of what the event is about, who is involved, and what they can experience with local attractions will make their stay worthwhile. Focusing on these factors will make your event a success and Pinterest a reliable marketing tool.

Check out more of our event planning expertise so that you can keep your guests and business partners satisfied, as well as your company's future bright.


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