How to Promote Events on Instagram

February 22, 2020 Jessica Stewart

What if you could make your next event a hit with the click of a button?

Instagram is a great platform for promoting everything from simple parties to major galas. To make the most of it, you must know how to promote events.

Ready to make your next event a smash? Here's our crash course in promoting events via Instagram!


Chances are you use hashtags to see what events are already trending. But did you know it's a great way to create buzz for upcoming events?

Develop a clever hashtag and be sure that you and your volunteers regularly use it. This hashtag builds intrigue and buzz.

If you're lucky, other people will start using the tag. At that point, they are promoting your event for you!

Preview of Coming Attractions

The real key to getting people to your event is FOMO. You want to make sure everybody who is anybody has a real "fear of missing out."

A great way to do this is by showing your event venue in small doses. Maybe you show a curtain here and decoration there.

You are presenting your venue as a series of puzzle pieces on Instagram. And the only way people can put the puzzle together is by coming to your event.

Running a Contest

Sometimes, the class promotional techniques work for Instagram event promotion. As an example: nothing is quite as effective as running a contest!

Our favorite move is to offer free event tickets to people who share and comment on your post. Most people are excited by this because it only takes a few seconds to participate.

And for the cost of a couple of tickets, you can reach hundreds or even thousands of people with this kind of "word of mouth" advertising.

Adding Some "Luster"

Want to make sure guests are still posting during the event? Then you'll need Luster.

This device (formerly known as Instaprint) mounts to the wall and serves one function. Whenever someone uploads to Instagram using your chosen hashtag, this device prints out a real picture.

Your guests get a fun, physical keepsake of your event. And you get lots of awesome promotion that builds up your brand for the next event!

Telling Stories

Not every Instagram user has mastered Instagram stories. But if you want to promote your event, you're going to need to learn all about it.

Stories allow you to combine text, photo, and video in any combination. And stories serve as a way of promoting events while they are happening and also letting people see what they've missed.

Try to get some of your guests to talk about the fun they are having. Nothing advertises on Instagram so much as a real testimonial.

How to Promote Events: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to promote events on Instagram. But do you know how to master planning even the biggest events?

The Event Planner Expo provides the tools, talent, and training you need to become a better planner. Take the first step by ordering tickets today!

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