A Guide to Wedding Planner Advertising on Facebook

February 26, 2020 Jessica Stewart

In average terms, newly-engaged couples spend 2 hours a week planning their wedding and they spend 80% of their time planning their wedding online.

39% of this time is spent on a mobile device, researching weddings suppliers and wedding planners. Your wedding planning business can be in front of these couples if you do your online advertising right. 

Have you tried wedding planner advertising on Facebook? Here are the steps to follow to reach the right audience.

Why is Facebook a Good Place for Wedding Planner Advertising?

Facebook has 2.357 billion active monthly users. Of these, 1.49 billion are daily active users. 

The largest piece of the Facebook audience reachable through advertisements is between the ages of 25 and 34 years old, equating to an average of 20% of successful adverts on Facebook. This is the prime age group for couples to be getting engaged and starting their wedding planning, widely-speaking. 

If these numbers don't convince you, then consider this: Facebook is not a hit and miss platform. You're able to adapt and evolve your advertisements to achieve the goals that you have in place. 

Whether you're simply looking to grow your audience, generate more leads or sell your wedding planning service, Facebook is the right place to create campaigns with different goals. 

Your 5 Step Wedding Planner Advertising Plan 

The great thing about advertising on Facebook is that you're taking all those printed flyers, handout brochures and banner ads and you're creating a targeted, measurable campaign. Here's how you do that.

1. Do the Obvious Targeting First 

Your first ideal target audience member is someone who is newly engaged, and they should be top of the crop when it comes to your targeting. Facebook allows you to select your targeting according to 'newly engaged', 'engaged for 6 months' and other options. So you can tailor your content for couples who have just got engaged or ones who've been planning longer.  

2. Don't Go Out All 'Buy This and Buy That!"

When deciding on the advertising message you want to send, and the content you'll be putting together for your new Facebook advertising campaign, it's important to not go in with a sales-focused only strategy. 

A wedding planner is hired on much more than their cost and what they can do, much of the hiring process for wedding planning is based upon someone getting to know you and have you buy into their vision for their special day. 

Your wedding planning advertising campaign should be a chain of messages that showcases you, your business and your achievements.  

3. The Second Stage of Targeting

Go back and analyze the customer base that you've already had. What type of people were they? What were their demographics? Did they have similar interests? Can you identify a niche from analyzing your previous clients? 

Your secondary stage of targeting should be based upon the results of this analysis. Try to recreate your best customers' profiles through systematic targeting of interests, ages, income level, and other similar demographics. 

4. Create a Different Landing Page for Each Ad Campaign

For each section of your campaign, you don't want to be sending people to the very same homepage on your website. It will get confusing for them. 

If they've clicked on your advertisement on Facebook it means they want to see more of that same message. So, create unique landing pages for each ad campaign so your website visitor knows what to do when they land there. 

For example, if one of your ad campaigns is about picking the right venue, then the landing page they get to when they click through could be a short PDF on how to choose the right venue. Do you see what you did there? You gave them a reason to stay on your site. 

5. Upselling to Your Existing Customers 

This may seem a bit silly to you off the bat, I mean, how do you sell to someone who’s already got married? You can do loads with this. You can do a referral campaign through people you've already sold your services to, or alternatively, look at pitching a vows renewal ceremony. 

Wedding Planner Advertising Recon 

Wedding planner advertising is not easy, there are so many different sections in your business, so many different services and products. With wedding planning, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. 

So be sure to stay abreast with what's happening in your industry, stay up to date with trends and where the event planning industry is headed. 

If you need event resources, you're in the right place. Keep browsing to see how else we can help you. 


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