4 Event Planning Apps For Managing a Show-Stopping Event in 2020

December 3, 2019 Jessica Stewart

The statistics show that 44 percent of event attendees use mobile event apps. 

Event planning can be stressful, and the process of completion can get a bit complicated. However, there are now several apps available that will make the process much easier.

If the statistics are any indication, more and more event planners are using these event planning apps. You may be wondering how to choose the best app for your needs.

Choosing an app can be a tedious process due to the number of them available, this means you are going to need a guide. Read on to find some of the best apps for event planning.

1. Boomset App

The Boomset app is perfect if you have a large event to manage because you can collect on-site registrations with this app.

The Boomset app also allows your guests to check-in on the app. This can reduce or eliminate lines at the registration door or table. You can even print badges and wristbands for your guests from the web.

2. The 24me App

This app operates as a personal or virtual assistant. It has to-do-lists and calendars so that you can organize your time and make notes.

You will also get reminders when necessary as the app is able to connect with your social networks and financial institutions. This type of event planning app is great for large events but if you are organizing a smaller event you will also find it useful.

3. Planning Pod App

The Planning Pod App allows you to arrange seats for your guests. You can also plan the budget for the event with the app.

Planning Pod lets you manage and organize teams for your event. You can even embed a checkout form on your website so that you can know when each guest leaves.

Planning Pod is a fully responsive app. This means it works from any device. You can log into the app from your desktop, laptop, cellphone or tablet. 

4. Top Table Planner

The Top Table Planner App is designed to help make seating arrangements for any event very easy to do. There is a fully functional free trial available, you will be able to use the editor to create a seating plan without signing up.

You can drag and drop in the editor to design the right floor plan for you. It is a web-based application which means you will not need to download anything on your device. 

This app is especially useful if you are tasked with designing a seating plan for a wedding, banquet or other large dining events.

A Final Look at Event Planning Apps

If you have been struggling to plan your events you now know that event planning apps can help you. It may be that more than one app can assist you.

However, even though it can be tempting, try not to download so many of them that it becomes another chore to manage your apps.

If you would like more information about event planning do not hesitate to contact us.



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