Do I Need an Event Planning App? Breakdown of 4 Popular Event Planning Programs

October 19, 2019 Erica Maurer

There's so much to do, but there's so little time.

You have to schedule the entertainment, find the perfect invites, and make sure the food is absolutely perfect. Oh no, did you forget the open bar?

In the midst of event planning, it can be hard to focus and get everything done. You'll find yourself in desperate need for help. 

If you need help with your event, keep reading! Below is some help in finding the perfect event planning app for you. 

1. Bizzabo

Use this event management software in times of planning large events such as corporate dinners or wedding receptions. It's also great for company fundraisers!

Once you register the event, you'll have a whole collection of helping hands on the application to push you towards success. You'll have editing software to create branding for the event and the ability to send highly personalized email invites.

This app keeps your head on straight so you can relax a little more leading up to the big day. Leave the important stuff to this app while you take some time to research the perfect drink recipes for the event bar. 

2. Asana

If setting deadlines and prioritized lists are your things, this is the event planning software for you! Once you create these lists, you're able to then delegate the items to people on your team in the app. 

One of the coolest things about this app is having the ability to create visual project timelines. This will help assure you're getting everything done in time, from finding an Instagram-worthy venue to hiring security. 

3. Social Tables

Ryan broke up with Rebecca four months ago, but Rebecca is still begging to be next to him at a table. However, Ryan doesn't want to be near her, but he does want to be next to Tom who is best friends with Rebecca's cousin. Rebecca insists on being next to her cousin. 

Confusing, right? With this app, you can solve all of your seating issues by creating virtual architectural spaces to map everything out in front of you. 

4. Eventzilla

Does everything seem to be going well for your future event except actually selling tickets to the event? Take a second to relax, and download this event management software. 

This app creates widgets for the registration process, makes creating guest lists easy, and sets up appealing pages for event registration. You can also create personalized emails, rewrite the registration form, and create discount codes.

Find the Best Event Planning App

You seem to be out of breath with all of this event planning you're doing so download an event planning app now! You can find some of the best out there by reading above.

These applications specialize in different areas of event planning, but they are all a major help. They can help with everything from seating arrangements to event registration. Unfortunately, they can't help your grumpy aunt who didn't get the entree she wanted at the reception.

If you want to know more about event planning, check out our page and purchase tickets to the Event Planner Expo each year.  

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