Virtual Events: Everything You Need to Know

April 13, 2020 Susan Serena

There is so much that goes into planning a successful corporate event.


Making the decision to plan or host a virtual event may be more demanding, but with the right resources and the best event planning techniques, virtual events may prove to be more successful than you’d think.


Let’s go over some of the most important aspects of planning and executing a virtual event successfully to ensure event planners are always up to the task.


Use the Right Platform

Whether your virtual event caters to a few dozen individuals, or if you’re expanding and planning a corporate event with thousands of attendees, make sure you use a social media platform suitable for your purpose.

Especially since the recent outbreak of COVID-19, plenty of online resources have become more popular than ever before due to the growing demand to take businesses and operations online.


Each one of these comes with their own sets of benefits. Depending on your corporate event’s needs, make sure to choose the right platform to connect with your audience in order to ensure the widest reach.


Plan for Different Time Zones

When you’re organizing a corporate event for hundreds of thousands of people, they can be spread all across the globe, or even simply in different parts of the United States.


In order to ensure maximum attendance, be sure to pick a time that suits the highest number of potential or desired attendees. This way, event planners will be able to achieve a sizeable virtual ‘footfall’ while also ensuring maximum viewer engagement.


Prepare an Event Agenda

Make sure that you have a clearly laid out agenda planned for the virtual event. Depending on your audience and your interaction with them, you may choose to circulate this agenda amongst your attendees and key speakers (if you have any) prior to the event.


Ensure that the virtual event is moderated. Making sure the event is serving its purpose and that the goals and objectives of your corporate event are met are two of the most significant make-or-break moments to determine its success.


Prepare for Hiccups

During a virtual event, you’re relying on technology and machines more than you would if the event demanded physical presence of attendees.


One of the most sure-shot ways to waste all the resources and hard work that went into the event planning process is for technology glitches to steal from the success of your corporate event.


To keep such accidents to a minimum, make sure technical support is available throughout the duration of your event. Another handy tip would be to have this resource available for all the attendees to contact.


In today’s day and age, planning virtual corporate events may be becoming the new normal. Thanks to the advancements in technology and the wide range of platforms available, you can ensure the smooth execution of virtual events, wherever you may be.


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