How to Develop the Most Resonating Content Strategy

February 8, 2023 Mario Stewart

You’re a master at creating engaging in-person and event experiences. But what about your marketing? How can you infuse your online content marketing with the same level of compelling results? If you’re looking for a leg-up with your content marketing, keep reading. This is the step-by-step guide for developing your content marketing strategy. 

Defining Precise Goals

When it comes to advertising and marketing your event planning services, you’ll want to first outline your goals. What do you need your content marketing to do, for example? Once you establish your objectives, you can carve out unique content to achieve results with each. For example, you might need a campaign to promote your company and brand. You might also want another series of content to drive traffic to your event planning website. And if you’re planning a New York event, you may have content strategies that attract attendees. Whatever your goals, be sure to create separate content strategies for each.

Know Your Personas

As you develop content, you’ll need to make sure it speaks to and resonates with your intended audience. And the best way to know your intended audience is with buyer personas. Sit down and create a fictional character that represents each of your ideal prospects. List details for each, including where they live, where they work, how they spend their free time, and their preferences. With a persona in place, you can draft compelling content that speaks directly to their needs, pain points, and preferences.

Use a Content Marketing System

Don’t try to manage your content marketing on the fly. Instead, look to adopt systems and automation tools that make posting, managing, and assessing content a breeze. There are easy-to-use apps and content creators that you should be exploring, many of them offering free trials so you can jump in and find the best-fit system for you. As an event planner, you’re too busy to babysit your content marketing post by post. Be smart about selecting the systems and platforms you need to make it effortless and automated.

Use Your Creative Genius to Create Content

Once you have your goals, personas, and tools in place, you can get creative about developing your story and content. And this is your niche, so really have some fun with it. Tell event-related stories and share insights from a thought leadership position. Ask resonating questions that inspire your audience to respond and engage. Be funny and unique, making sure everything you “say” with your content feels like it’s coming from you and is full of your personality.

Analytics to Gauge Effectiveness

Content marketing, like all other aspects of your marketing strategies, needs constant review for effectiveness. So, be sure to leverage all the best tools for analytics and metrics. Know which content, whether it’s social posting or videos, is gaining the most traction. And any content efforts that don’t work change them up to ensure ongoing success.

When you design your marketing strategies, be sure to carve out a specific roadmap for your content. And for more insights for improving your marketing and your event planning business, make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023!

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