A Guide to the Most Unique New York Event Spaces

February 8, 2023 Jessica Stewart

New York City is one of the biggest, most vibrant cities in the world. With over 55 million visitors in 2022, it is the perfect city to hold events.

But as an events planner, how can you organize an event that will stand out? You need to find New York event spaces that will facilitate all the activities you have planned.

Luckily, this guide to New York City event spaces will give you some amazing locations to choose from. We have listed venues of different sizes and styles, so you can find something that suits your event. Let's jump into it!

Lavan 541

Lavan 541 is an amazing event space, flooded with natural daylight and wide open spaces. The space has a cutting-edge sound and lighting system, so you can create a great atmosphere.

It also features a permanent projection installation. This allows for 270-degree projections of different media content. This can be a great addition to any design and decor when you are planning an event.

The venue holds around 200 people. So it is perfect for smaller, more intimate events. It also has a full-service catering prep kitchen!

Pier Sixty

Pier Sixty is a luxurious venue, complete with an all-season glass terrace. They offer onsite audiovisual support and have state-of-the-art speakers and lighting rigs. They also have complimentary Wi-Fi and easy access to delivery vehicles.

The space can hold anywhere from 200 to 2,000 guests. It can be organized into five different breakout spaces. There is soundproofing to keep things private and avoid distractions.

The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse is one of the bigger private venues on our list today. It is 75,000 square feet and can hold up to 1,850 people. It is well suited to different types of events, as the space is easy to configure in different ways.

The space has a neutral color palette and design. So you can use this as a great base for any decorations and finishes you want to put on your event.

When you are rolling out a new event, you want to make sure you are giving a strong first impression. With panoramic views with two outdoor terraces, this venue delivers the wow factor.

Javits Center

This final venue is the biggest on our list, now with an added 1.2 million square feet of space. The Javits Center can hold up to 5,000 guests, making it ideal for large-scale conferences and conventions.

Available over four floors, there are endless possibilities for organizing different breakout areas. It also has a high standard of sustainability, which could be an important factor for you and your guests.

Amazing New York Event Spaces

There are so many great New York event spaces to choose from for your next event. Consider the extras you want from your venue, to offer a personalized experience to your guests.

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