Turn Your Corporate Event into a Winter Wonderland with These 7 Design Ideas

October 20, 2022 Jessica Stewart

With all the bustle of holiday event planning and corporate celebrations coming together, you, as an event planner, could use some additional inspiration. Check out these event design elements that will transform your event venue into a full-blown winter wonderland!

1. Introduce White Trees

Look for ways to introduce pines and spruce trees throughout your venue, adorned artfully with frost, white lights, and ornaments. These are great elements to cozy up a lounge area or brighten up a venue entrance. 

2. Lots of White Lights

Don’t be afraid to go all-in with the strings of white and soft LED lights. Line corporate event stages, paths to the restrooms, and ceiling panels. White lights can simulate both breezy winter skies and softly falling snow.

3. Snowflakes and Flurries

Speaking of snow, consider elements of fake snow on display tables or simulated flakes falling over an event centerpiece. Snow can come in spray form, adhering to glass surfaces to create that frosted look. But it can also be in flurry form for those realistic wintery feels.

4. Glittery Pine Cones and Flowers

As you plan for corporate event table centerpieces and displays, don’t forget the glittery pine cones and sprigs of pine. And floral arrangements can be designed with wintery elements, often including glitter to simulate frosty touches.

5. Perfect Winter Wonderland Hues

When it comes to color selections, you can get creative with a variety of palettes. Of course, blues and silvers are always great when you’re looking to create a winter wonderland atmosphere. But you can also introduce soft pinks, greens, and gold for unique aesthetics.

6. Snowmen and Ice Friends

If your upcoming holiday event is social, consider adding wintery friends, especially if children are in attendance. Snowmen, reindeer, and penguins can all make great little welcoming spaces for the little ones in your winter wonderland.

7. Candlelight and Mirrors

Make smart use of mirrors and candlelight throughout your venue, introducing soft, dancing light in dark spaces. Mirrors can also simulate ice, adding to the wintery feels. Don’t be afraid to use lights and mirrors to open up your space and create even more sparkly fun!

What are some of the elements you consider to be must-haves with your winter wonderland designs? Get inspired with these wintery fun elements and transform your corporate or social event!

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