6 Ways Audiovisual Designs Can Transform Your NYC Events

January 24, 2024 Jessica Stewart

NYC Events have to stand out–it wouldn’t be NYC if they didn’t. As an NYC event planner, integrating audiovisual designs and features can be a fantastic element to elevate your clients’ corporate events, company parties, and glamorous celebrations. From LED floors to virtual reality, the possibilities are insurmountable. And if you’re not yet fully embracing the power of audiovisual to transform your event experiences, here are six ways you could be elevating your services.

1. Reach a Global Audience

Live-streaming isn’t just for influencers and people trying to make a living documenting their lives. Live-streaming is a way to connect across multiple cities, states, and even countries if you have clients with international offices.

Live-streaming options are also a way for you to integrate your event planning business into someone else’s shoutout, which is a great way to boost your own marketing strategy by showing off the fantastic event your company made a reality.

2. Make Lasting Emotional Connections

Interactivity is the name of the game with custom audiovisual features. Your corporate event clients will engage in activities like real-time polling and interactive application tasks. People remember how events, parties, and celebrations make them feel. As a New York event planner, this is a great way to make impactful, memorable experiences for guests.

3. Immerse Guests Into Any Environment

3D mapping uses projections to create stages and dynamic canvases in any architectural setting. If a client is looking for a highly immersive environment, adding a 3D-mapped environment to their event plan will emphasize why New York event planners do it best. Transform your venue into a fully immersive experience that represents your event clients’ goals and themes.

4. Keep Guests Entertained

Keeping guests entertained, engaged, and interested at events is a core goal of an event planner. If your entertainment isn’t bringing wow factor, it’s not big enough. Audiovisual technologies can not only help create a cohesive atmosphere but also help with occupying guests during downtime between acts, entertainers, and activities. Keep your guests in awe with brilliant audiovisual elements and they'll be raving about your event for days!

5. Highlight Key Messages

Good audiovisual integration helps emphasize and reflect key messages. Cutting-edge holographic, well-timed lighting changes, and even comical sound effects can keep momentum throughout an event. Well-choreographed audiovisuals will also emphasize certain start and end times, speaking points, or showcases.

6. Support Branding Efforts

As a New York event planner, branding cohesiveness across events, paperwork, and even conversations is often high ranking on a client’s list of needs, especially for big corporate events. Audiovisual elements can help thread branding elements throughout an event and make it truly personalized to your client. Not to mention, it’s a great way to assist with their event marketing strategy.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Now we know how audiovisual elements can help event planners in New York add that extra edgy element to each corporate event, big or small. Elements discussed above aren’t the only options for integrative, immersive, and show-stopping options to include in your next audiovisual package. Some others can include:

  • LED floors
  • Soundscapes
  • Virtual reality
  • Digital signage
  • Social media walls 
  • Podcast recording booths
  • Projection domes and 3D mapping
  • Holographic 
  • Augmented Reality

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