Advantages of Incorporating Tech Activations at Your NYC Events

December 27, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Looking ahead to 2024 and another year of event planning for corporate events and conferences, what are some ways you can improve attendee engagement? When it can sometimes feel like you’ve done everything, there are still new ideas to leverage. Tech activations continue to be huge in the event space - especially those that involve fully immersive guest experiences and fun. See why you should consider infusing every corporate event you curate with brilliant technology as part of a product launch or event entertainment. These are the advantages to expect, elevating and bringing something new to your event planning strategy.

Types of Tech Activations to Inspire Your Next Event

When we talk about tech activations, we’re referring to event entertainment or hands-on activities that physically engage guests using brilliant tech. These can be part of a product launch, corporate meetings, and conferences. Some examples include:

  • Interactive whiteboards for presentations
  • Interactive photo booths
  • Virtual reality gaming
  • Augmented reality experiences
  • Video walls
  • Interactive mirror signs
  • Touchscreen tables

Going Beyond the Screen for More Interactive Engagement

Event planners recognize the importance of digital engagement with corporate event clients and guests. You likely already use event apps with your conferences, leverage digital registrations, and send post-event surveys electronically. But with interactive technologies, you can go beyond the screen engagement for more impactful experiences. 

Key takeaway: Tech activations marry the innovation of tech with the in-person experience, elevating the overall attendee engagement. 

Bring Layers of Authenticity to Guest Experiences

Experiential marketing is a key element of any conference. And instead of just “telling” guests about a product, a topic, or an initiative, SHOW them using tech activations. In a way, the hands-on experience provides proof of your messaging, bringing in layers of authenticity to your event and content. Guests believe in the event mission when they can experience the product or topics first-hand. 

Key takeaway: When people use the five senses to experience a brand, a product, or an idea, it authenticates the cause and creates loyalty to the brand and/or event.

Creating a Community within the Event

Inviting hundreds of people to an event and getting them all to show up doesn’t make the event successful. What makes any conference or corporate event truly impactful is finding a way that encourages a room full of strangers to feel like they’re part of a joined community. Tech activations are great tools for fostering this community environment since they encourage experiences that everyone can share. When a room full of strangers can agree that the event is fun, informative, and engaging, you subtly create a community of advocates supporting the brand and the conference. 

Key takeaway: Use tech activations to introduce common ground for event attendees, bringing people together in agreement over a shared experience.

Discover All the Emerging Technologies at The Expo

As you carve out new event planning strategies for your event business in 2024, make sure you include tech activations. These innovative experiences can breathe new life into your conferences and corporate events. And you’ll leverage these benefits and more with each elevated event experience. 

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