A Side of FryGuys

April 4, 2019 Susan Serena

FryGuys new chef has revamped the menu after their renovation which places them on the list of unmatched NYC Restaurants.

Marco Lanuto and Mckenzie Foster are well-known French fries connoisseurs who have injected their colorful imagination into the East Village where locals feel right at home at the newly renovated FryGuys restaurant. This stylish eatery serves one of the most generous portions of French fries you've ever seen along with other American favorites on their new menu.

The Venue:

There is no way you can walk passed FryGuys and not stop to gaze at the flashing neon lights outside the venue along with the rainbow-colored pop art that grabs your attention before you even step foot inside. The innovative and improved design inside this bistro instantly lifts your spirits as the aroma from the kitchen opens your appetite. Grab a seat on one of their plush velvet banquettes along with some friends and get ready to fill your bellies with French fries that are so good, they’re worth the guilty pleasure.

The Cuisine:

FryGuys provides Potatoheads with three ways to fill your craving. You can choose to take your fries as tater tots, curly fries, or their twice-cooked classic French fries. Once you choose your base, you can add a mountain of toppings to create a food experience you won’t soon forget.

Some of the FryGuys signature food formations include kimchee fries (kewpie mayo, bulgogi, queso,), Buffalo chicken (mixed with blue cheese) and nachos with plentiful guacamole and sour cream. If you’re super hungry (or just want to enjoy your diet cheat day), FryGuys has now added a bucket-sized portion of their extravagantly loaded fries to the menu, that is meant for sharing but depending on your level of hangryness…it just might not make it past your grip.

In addition to French fries, the FryGuys menu offers slow-roasted pork sandwiches with smokey BBQ sauce, and Mac ‘n Pork drenched in their homemade sauce that features a variety of six types of cheeses.


The indulgent drink menu at FryGuys includes a milkshake that is infused with vanilla ice cream and Fruity Pebbles that tastes just like you would imagine a shake made up of your favorite cereal would taste. If that combo isn’t impressive and inviting, then we’re sure the Cap ‘n Crunch cereal mixed with peanut butter is sure to lure you in, but if not, you can go for the mandatory duet of cookies and cream.

Price Range

$7-$9 will get you an order of their loaded fries, sandwiches are priced at $7, and you can get your loaded bucket of fries for $17.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a calorie counter you may not want to walk past this NYC Restaurant during lunch time because you won’t be able to resist the urge of eating French fries that are decked with endless toppings, sandwiches made of mac and cheese, and who doesn’t want to try cereal milkshakes at least once in their lifetime? We know we do!

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