Chinatown Presents Pho Bar

March 10, 2019 Susan Serena

Chinatown presents A Vietnamese destination Pho Bar.

We now have a second base for Pho Bar, which – as you may have predicted – will focus on their infamous noodle soups, in addition to a variety of Vietnamese street-styled finger foods.

The Venue

After the victory of the first locale in Greenwich Village, renowned chef and co-owner Mike Khuu is more than ready to introduce his innovative take on Vietnamese cuisine to Chinatown. While still preserving old-style traditional techniques, Pho Bar will be offering many out-of-the-ordinary garnishes, extremely bold broths, and street-styled finger foods served in decorative plating style.

The Cuisine

The star of this food show is none other than pho, which is slowly simmered and garnished with deliciousness like spicy short rib or lobster and it could also be a combination of both (yes, it’s true, surf and turf in true pho style is a thing). There are also some new accompaniments to the Chinatown location as well, which includes an exclusive 25-hour broth (named appropriately, “the crazy rich broth”) with a deconstructed pho pot that runs the perfect temperature. You can round out your plate with a Vietnamese spring roll, a mix of vegetables or some sautéed chili shrimps, and the end result is a super happy tummy!


Chinatown’s Pho Bar features a unique Asian beer bar that has a diverse variety of beers from across the entire continent, in addition to Vietnamese iced coffees and a mix of herbal teas.

Price Range

The noodle soups price ranges from $10 to $25 (it all depends on the style of broth and toppings you choose), and the price for the sides are approximately $8.

The Bottom Line

New Yorkers dread the cold winter weather, so with the expansion of Pho Bar which offers very heartening broths, locals are loving their new go-to comfort eatery. This is also the perfect location to stroll over to on a lazy Sunday, especially if it’s a rainy one.

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