Livin' It Up LEYLA

April 7, 2019 Susan Serena

Upper West Siders welcome a new Mediterranean NYC Restaurant with open mouths: LEYLA.

The Upper West Siders are excited to live it up at this new NYC Restaurant that is focused on serving remarkable Turkish cuisine! LEYLA is Huseyin Ozer’s latest venture and his menu includes delicious appetizers like Karides Gave (cherry tomato, shitake mushrooms, and bell pepper) and braised beef tongue. Sound exciting? It is! This Chef who is also known for running the beloved NYC Restaurant called Bodrum has done it again!

The Venue:

In collaboration with Berna Erbilgin Gundogdu, the dynamic duo intended to add a touch of Turkish flair to the décor of this NYC Restaurant.  The venue bears a resemblance to one of those chic Manhattan apartments that you only wish you could afford, filled with stunning velvet chairs, golden globes, and immaculate wooden countertops. For those who are looking for a more intimate setting, you can book the private room at LEYLA.

The Cuisine:

The menu at LEYLA has an emphasis on mezzes, hearty dishes, and salads intended to share with your group. You will see eggplant served in ways you’ve never seen before! Just picture sundried eggplant filled with pine nuts and pilaf, or you can choose to have it wrapped around a salad made up of bell peppers and onions. Delish! You’ll also have the option to choose a flatbread which they call pides that are created with a pile of vegetables or wrapped with minced meat, full of color, and made with spices that warm the soul. When you’re ready for dessert, you can order the phyllo dough stuffed with creamy milk pudding, or have the honey and tahini spread on a flatbread. It’s a Turkish heaven for your palette!


LEYLA set the focal point of their wine collection focused on Turkey, while they do offer non-Turkish wines that are modern and have an emphasis on sustainable, biodynamic, and a vegan approach.

Price Range

The Turkish cuisine plates at LELYA have a price range that go from $10 to $27.

The Bottom Line

The Turkish cuisine menu at LEYLA lends itself to deliver a mouthwatering, Mediterranean banquet experience, and the vast space at this NYC Restaurant is quite ideal for a large gathering or to host a company get together.

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