We found Mace in the East Village of Manhattan!

March 23, 2019 Susan Serena

Mace, one of the world’s best bars opens at a new location in the East Village of Manhattan.

Cocktail bar Mace has found a new home in the East Village where stimulating mixology will be seen at its best. The team at this NYC venue have deployed their spectrum of creativity by using the striking ingredients they are renowned for. Mace is well known for being on the World’s Best Bars list each year since its inception in their original locale (also in the East Village).

Photo credit: Melissa Horn

The Venue:

The new Mace location at 505 E. 12th St, is now twofold the size and can house up to 61 cocktail lovers and connoisseurs. The design is a replica of their original location, and you’ll still be able to find a lineup of spice jars behind the bar along with extravagant greenery throughout their textured glass accents to deliver the same botanical meshed with apothecary thing they have going on. This NYC venue is perfect to host an exciting networking event.

Photo credit: Melissa Horn

The Cuisine:

As an added incentive, Mace is also serving a selection of bar bites created by their esteemed chef Nick Sorrentino. The delightfully impressive menu is themed around Italian cuisine and includes options like crostinis that highlight butternut squash or marinated anchovy, meatballs with ricotta, in addition to charcuterie boards that you can enjoy with your group.

Photo credit: Melissa Horn


Even though Mace upped their game with bar bites at their new location, one section that needed no improvement whatsoever on the menu is Mace’s signature and extremely sought-after list of cocktails. There’s no way you won’t be drawn to try one (if not two or three) of the dozen tempting concoctions they’ve designed. You’ll definitely want to sip on some of their Pandan (Jamaican rum that’s mixed with milk, lime, pandan leaves, and pineapple), Lavendar (which contains a base of brown butter with cognac that’s infused with vanilla), and their tequila is a must try especially because they spiced it up with everything from wasabi to jalapeños. I mean really!

Photo credit: Melissa Horn

Price Range

The price range for the cocktail menu goes from $14-$16, while the bar bites range anywhere from $5 to $18.

The Bottom Line

No one can tell you not to share a small plate, but you’ll surely want to if you visit Mace with a friend or two. We suggest you order a few different menu items to munch on when visiting this NYC venue with a group of people. This way everyone can try something from the bar bites section of the menu, while making sure you accompany the Italian delights with one of Mace’s signature cocktails.  

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