Here’s How Twitter Can Help You Market Your Next Event

March 31, 2020 Jessica Stewart

Email marketing is a great way to let your current audience know about your upcoming event. But, if you want to reach new customers, you need to use other channels.

One social media platform that is often overlooked by event marketers is Twitter. However, it's a great way to quickly get the word out about your event so you can start reaching a wider audience.

Twitter event marketing requires following a few simple tips if you want to get results. Keep reading to learn more about how to promote an event on Twitter.

Why Use Twitter to Market Your Next Event

Before we jump into some tips on Twitter event promotion, let's take a look at just three of the many reasons why you should be using this social media platform to get more people to come to your event.

Connect with Customers

Twitter allows you to have two-way conversations with your customers whether they reply to a post or send you a private message. Many people prefer this more casual format to email, giving you a great way to connect to your customers directly.

Find Your Targeted Audience

There are an estimated 126 million daily active users on Twitter. That's a huge number of people you can connect with. Twitter also makes it easy to find people based on interests so you can reach your target audience.

Easy to Share Posts

Hitting the "retweet" button is easy which allows your posts to spread quickly to the followers of your followers and beyond. This is why Twitter can also be an inexpensive form of marketing.

Twitter Event Promotion Tips

Now let's get into five tips you need to follow if you're going to succeed at Twiter event marketing.

Tweet Often

Most people aren't on Twitter all the time. When they do get on, they'll only see the most recent posts from the people they follow which could mean hundreds of tweets.

To ensure your posts are among the most recent of your followers, be sure to post at least ten times a day. 

Avoid Text-Only Posts

Today, most people prefer images over text. That's why you should be adding as much visual content as you can, whether it's images, videos, or gifs.

Use Hashtags

Research some hashtags that are relevant to your event and industry to include a couple in your tweet. You may also want to look into using some popular hashtags that people are already searching for.

Follow Your Target Audience

Look at the profile or tweets of some of your competitors. Then, start following those that engage with their content since they're your target audience as well. More than likely, a few of them will follow you back.

Be Engaged

Take some time to respond to comments on your posts, answer questions sent to your inbox, and retweet relevant content from your followers.

Need Help with Event Promotion?

Now you know why so many people are already using Twitter to get more people to come to their events. As you can see, these Twitter event marketing tips are easy to follow but can have incredible results.

If you need help with event promotion, sign up for the 2020 Event Planner Expo. There, you'll meet industry experts and listen to talks that will help you take your event planning business to the next level.


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