7 Key Skills to Master as an Event Planner

February 2, 2023 Jessica Stewart

You love planning impressive and successful events, and everyone tells you that you're fantastic at it. You've got savvy event planning skills, and you've decided to go pro so you can show them off and impress clients. But do you really have all of the key skills of an event planner?

Being a fantastic event planner is about more than just throwing a pretty party. If you want to be the best at what you do, you need to keep improving.

We're here to talk about some of the skills that all event planners should always be refining. Read on to learn more.

1. Communication Skills

Having good communication skills is crucial for any successful event planner. Event planners are constantly communicating. Anyone who wants to work alone and uninterrupted is not a good fit for this career.

Event planners often work solo, but they need to be able to communicate with clients, vendors, entertainers, and venue owners (among others). They need to be precise with their language, polite, and persuasive.

Often, clients aren't completely clear about what they want from their events. As an event planner, it's your job to understand what they're asking for, ask the right questions, and give them what they want. This requires good listening skills on your part.

Event planners also often need to be good at negotiating, which requires good communication skills. All prospective event planners should learn about active listening, the importance of body language, speaking with the correct tone, and more.

2. Organization Skills

All event planners have to be organized. Many event planners are working on multiple events at a time. Each event has its own specific needs, vendors, times, budget, and more.

If you're not organized, you will lose track of each event. This will make things more difficult for both you and your client, and you won't be able to give them the event of their dreams.

There are helpful event planning tools that can help you stay organized, but you should be refining your organization skills at all times.

3. Networking Skills

Are you great at networking? If so, you may have the potential to be a great event planner!

Networking is key to any event planner's success. Event planners are constantly networking with other event planners, vendors, venue owners, and potential clients. They're always working hard to get their name out there so they can plan bigger and better events.

They love going to expos and conferences. They're social media savvy. If they're not naturally outgoing, they're good at "faking it" and making important career connections anyway.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility may seem like more of a trait than a skill, but it can actually be learned. If you're not naturally flexible (mentally, that is), you're going to have to learn flexibility if you want to be a great event planner.

There are situations that will pop up during almost every event that will require an event planner to change course. A vendor may drop out last minute, a venue may no longer be available, and clients may change their minds about things many times over.

These things come with the territory of event planning. If you're not flexible, you'll struggle to overcome them and keep going.

Flexibility allows you to keep a cool head. You'll be able to take problems in stride and treat them as minor hurdles rather than serious roadblocks. You'll be able to create an event that your clients will love despite the bumps in the road.

5. Budgeting Skills

As an event planner, you'll be working with a variety of different budgets. Some clients may have endless money to spend on events while others will be on shoestring budgets. You will need to learn how to work with any budget.

Events cost a lot of money. You need to find space in the budget for vendors, entertainment, the venue, decorations, food, and more. You'll need to learn how to properly allocate money where it belongs and how to "cut corners" in a way that won't negatively impact the actual event.

You also have to keep your own budget in check. All business owners need to understand invoices, basic accounting, and taxes to some degree. You can, of course, work with an accountant if you have the money to spare.

6. Problem-Solving Abilities

Event planning comes with its fair share of problems and it's your job to solve them. Are you up to the task?

Event planners must be resourceful. When something doesn't go to plan, they're able to find a solution to ensure that the event still runs smoothly. They're great at finding alternative vendors, dealing with late deliveries, and handling confusing instructions.

Event planners always have backup plans. They're seeing problems before they happen and creating potential solutions just in case.

7. Creativity

All event planners have to be creative. The need for creativity is why many people get into this field in the first place! It's a great career for flexing your creative muscles in a unique way.

They use their creativity to think of ways to innovate and make their events better. They come up with incredible themes, plan impressive decorations, and come up with unique entertainment.

Even "boring" corporate events require some degree of creativity.

These Are the Key Skills of an Event Planner

Do you have the key skills of an event planner? Many event planners learn them as they move through their careers. These skills are buildable and you will find new and interesting ways to show them off as you improve.

Start refining your event planning skills so you can provide the best events for your clients.

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