Wedding Entertainment Trends to Look for in 2023

October 26, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Event planners will soon be inundated with all the wedding trends to consider for 2023. It’s engagement season, and with it comes the barrage of suggestions for color palettes, themes, styles, decor, and, more importantly, entertainment. But we know you need more precise intel than that, which is why we’ve culled the web and insider wedding entertainment tips for you. These are the wedding event entertainer trends to look for with your bridal clients for 2023.

Photo Booths Are Still In

Before we dive into the truly unique, it’s important for event planners to know that some of the classic wedding entertainment elements are still popular. Brides are expected to still want the photo booths, especially those with 360-degree video and added cool tech. And there are several signs that the disposable tabletop cameras are coming back, as well. 

Palm Readers & Magicians Are Fun

For some incredibly unique fun, look for entertainment in the form of mentalists, magicians, and even palm readers for the wedding reception. They’re untraditional crowd-pleasing performances, even if they’re more a side-stage element of the event. They bring mystique and offer a unique way to entertain wedding guests.

Wait, What? Circus Acts? 

Yes! Be looking for trends that incorporate circus-style acts into the wedding reception. Think bold, like fire dancers and aerialists. Transform the wedding celebration into a full-blown, Las Vegas-style show! Of course, not all weddings will want tight-rope walkers, and there might be guidelines with your venues about fire-related performers. But imagine the wow factor these types of wedding entertainment options could bring. And the word on the street is that these bold and brilliant ideas are going to be all the rage come 2023.

Petting Zoos

Another wedding entertainment trend to look out for involves bringing animals to the reception. Small petting zoos with furry friends are great for children in attendance, for sure. But adult guests are just as entertained with goats, lambs, and miniature donkeys, too! Great for outdoor venues, traveling petting zoos can be great indoor elements, as well. And if you can’t find farm animals to incorporate, consider partnering with a local animal shelter to bring pets available for adoption. 

Casino Themes

Get upscale and glitzy with casino themes in 2023! There is a growing trend for weddings to incorporate elements of Las Vegas and Atlantic City into their receptions. Guests will be inspired to wear their casino floor best and have all the fun and glamour of gaming and prizes. These themes are great additions to traditional wedding entertainment or as stand-alone, all-encompassing reception themes.

In 2023, wedding planners should be prepared for requests to spice up the reception entertainment experiences. The days of DJs and dance floors only are going to be in the rearview mirror. Consider some of these growing, more popular wedding entertainment trends and get your creative juices flowing for creating dazzlingly unique experiences!

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