The East Village has a Danish Smør

April 20, 2019 Susan Serena

The East Village has a Danish Smør for you, and finger-licking good doesn’t even begin to describe what goes on in your mouth.

Smør means butter in Danish and this fast and casual eatery has an array of Nordic treats just waiting for local foodies to come in for a true Danish café experience.

Image credit: Paul Quitoriano

The Venue:

Slowing down and taking in the simple things is not what New Yorkers are known for, which is the concept in which Smør was built around by the Sebastians. That’s right both owners share the same first name and both Sebastian Bangsgaard and Sebastian Perez did their best in bringing in the feel of hygge to this NYC Restaurant. Drown yourself in the serenity this eatery offers and get away from the constant chaos in The East Village. The ambiance that the natural lighting in this venue delivers will surely make you forget about the darkness we often see in box-sized apartments in Manhattan. Smør has been designed to deliver comfort (we love the cozy cushions added to the décor) while you enjoy eating their healthy dishes.  

Image credit: Paul Quitoriano

The Cuisine:

Just like you would find in a Copenhagen café, the menu at Smør is comprised of grain bowls, smoked fish, and what they’re calling Smørrebrød. Menu items are plated on thin sliced rye bread as open-faced sandwiches that come out of the kitchen with a tower of toppings like soft-boiled egg, curried herring, roasted potato along with aioli (that’s right, it’s a carb on carb guilty pleasure for cheat day), and then there’s the smoked salmon with lemon curd topped with dill crème (ugghhhh so good). Beat that avocado toast!

Image credit: Paul Quitoriano

Some of the other Smør delights include daytime dishes like the buckwheat noodles and Danish pancakes but stay tuned because a delicious Danish dinner menu is in the works!


Smør serves tea and coffee, in addition to house sodas that are rotated each season.

Price Range

The price for Smør dishes range from $8 to $15, while the drinks range from $2 to $4.50.

Image credit: Paul Quitoriano

The Bottom Line

If the hustle and bustle of New York City lifestyle has you feeling overwhelmed, take a step off the beat and path and drop by Smør to take in a dose of healthy dishes from hygge. Whether you’ll find solace in the food or the welcoming ambiance is up for grabs but either way make sure you definitely order the Smørrebrød (how cool is that name?) while you’re there!

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