2019 Catering Ideas Wedding Event Planners Should Know About

January 10, 2019 Susan Serena

An experienced wedding event planner knows that food and beverage is probably one of the larger ticketed items, and one of the most challenging. As the expectations of brides and grooms rise each year it’s important that you know how to impress your guests with exciting and delightful food and beverage spreads.

Instagram and Pinterest have changed our expectations in the way we view a plate of food. We simply don’t accept plating that is not Instagram-worthy AND whose taste doesn’t match the visual. This post will help you master both areas when choosing a caterer for your next event.

Catering Ideas Wedding Event Planners Should Know About

Remember “how many bottles of beer on the wall?” Well now we have how many mini pails of food on the wall. That’s right, we said pails. Tiny displays of edible delights are all the rage in 2019 so rather than think big when it comes to food and beverage displays, think small this year. Let your guests know they’re in for some food and beverage innovations by placing a display of tiny treats near the entrance of the reception hall.

Speaking of tiny, what say you about this image? Is it dirt or dessert? This may resemble a starter seedling, however, if you look closer you’ll notice it’s a mouthwatering chocolate mousse, that is adorned with crushed chocolate cookie, and a touch of mint. It’s an excellent dessert choice for a wedding event planner who is organizing an outdoor reception.

Besides food and beverage, flowers are also on the top of the to do list for a wedding event planner. Ice sculptures and flowers are quite common in terms of décor options for weddings, and now you can combine the two and create stunning floral ice cubes. Not only do they make a gorgeous presentation, but you can also request that the flowers be edible so that when the ice melts in your guest’s drink, it will create an explosion of color!

If you’re looking to stand out as a wedding event planner, you want to aim for unique ideas with creative twists that will impress the bride and groom. Why not add texture to your artful display of food? Here’s something a bit different. What you’re looking at is an excellent alternative for a tray. Instead of a fancy plate, you can use charred wood to display a dish which will add texture (and maybe even flavor) to your presentation. Of course, you’ll want to make sure it’s clean first.

A wedding event planner knows that the cocktail hour sets the tone for the wedding guest’s experience. When you’re planning which finger foods will be served to start the reception, also think about how they will be served. This creative service idea utilizes halved wine bottles as a practical serving platter. You can use this idea to also tie-in a wine tasting during the cocktail hour.

Looking for an event space isn’t the only thing that a wedding event planner has to worry about when planning a wedding that will impress their client. They’re also expected to know all the latest and greatest wedding trends so it’s important to stay on top of all that is new and delicious. Most wedding event planners attend expos throughout the year that will expand their horizons and help them stay relevant in the industry. If you’re feeling like you could use a boost in your creative event planning juices, feel free to contact us to learn more about unique food and beverage ideas for weddings.  

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