The Best Convention Centers in the Country

January 3, 2019 Susan Serena

Innovative corporate event planners are looking for completely unique convention centers that deliver a blank canvas by which they can design their event. Additionally, the conference planning arena is rapidly changing as meeting and event clients are demanding more out of their venues from a technological and amenities standpoint. Corporate event planners are also putting more effort into creating green meetings and events, because of the great demand in selecting green venues.

Here are the best convention centers in the country according to top event professionals who specialize in conference planning. These convention centers are offering attendees, sponsors and event planners alike a one-of-a-kind corporate experience for meetings and events.

Jacob Javits Center

Located in New York City’s West Side neighborhood overseeing the Hudson River, the Javits Center is as iconic as New York City itself. This 840,000 sq. ft. facility of ample exhibition space is spread out across 6 city blocks and 4 full levels. For the corporate event planner, the Jacob Javits Center boasts a remarkable 102 meeting rooms (75 of which have been newly renovated with modifiable walls).

A completely flexible space isn’t the only thing that makes the Jacob Javits Center an exclusive location to select for conference planning. Of the most exceptional features of the Jacob Javits Center is the 15-story Crystal Palace, that happens to be a distinct structure made of steel and glass which lends itself to the Javits’ iconic appearance. For those in conference planning that appreciate sustainability and going green, the Javits Center has a 7-acre green roof that converts into a wildlife habitat and engrosses over 6.8 million gallons of storm water each year. To add, the Jacob Javits Center staffs a diverse team of event professionals that collectively speak nearly 20 languages.

San Diego Convention Center

If a convention center committed to functionality is what you’re looking for, the San Diego Convention Center is the one to pick during your conference planning. This 2.6 million sq. ft. of total space is Silver LEED-certified and focuses on minimalizing its effect on the environment through vigorous recycling, composting, and energy preservation efforts. The facility’s onsite kitchens transfers over 175 tons of food wastes and leftovers, eradicating the necessity for garbage disposals.

One of the most outstanding structures of the Convention Center is its Teflon-covered Sails Pavilion, which boasts over 90,000 sq. ft. of meeting and exhibit space and provides attendees an open air setting. The Pavilion’s terraces oversee the scenic San Diego Bay and the Pavilion construction is column-free which makes it a perfect blank canvas for corporate planning events like galas, expos and everything in between.

Walter Washington Convention Center

Initially built in 1874, the Washington Convention Center has seen extensive growth since its inauguration as the city’s first convention center. This convention center is a 2.3 million sq. ft. facility of convention and meeting space which contains one of the largest ballrooms in the district and astonishingly, the biggest, permanent art collection outside of any museum in the area, worth $4 million dollars. The Walter Washington Convention Center has also held a variety of historical events like the Nuclear Security Summit, the 57th Inaugural Ball, and the USA Science and Engineering Festival, which is the country’s largest science festival.

To say that this Convention Center is an advanced facility would be an understatement and it is no stranger to technological developments. In 2015, this Convention Center was the first of its kind to execute mobile ordering abilities for exhibitors, through an app. The app, named Dasdak, permitted attendees to order food and beverages to be delivered right to their exhibit booth. How’s that for avantgarde?

In corporate planning, you want to look for an event space that is up to par with the latest technology, provides top-notch food & beverage options, and who has a minimal impact on the environment. Additionally, you want a convention center that is located in a city that has a lot to offer attendees, sponsors, and speakers which is why we selected the above-mentioned facilities! As conference planning begins to demand more from a venue space– whether it’s cutting-edge technology, customizable spaces, or just better connectivity, convention centers will continue to meet those demands by continuing development of their sites for years to come.

We’d love to hear from anyone who specializes in conference planning! What’s your preferred convention center for corporate events, and why? Comment below!

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