Top 5 reasons to Meet Colin Cowie

September 28, 2018 Susan Serena

The South African Event Planning guru Colin Cowie has graced event professionals with his expertise in event design, catering, weddings, and just about every party planning category for years. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for decades, you have heard about or have come across a Colin Cowie styled event. Whether it be on a tv show or article you read, we are certain you have come across his simply amazing advice and ideas to make your next event magical.


1. Why Colin Cowie is Simply Amazing

Colin Cowie’s career in event planning has stretched over 20 years and has reached a variety of clientele on a global scale. Whether it’s a destination wedding or a glamorous backyard event, Cowie knows how to turn your vision into something you never imagined possible. He is an influencer in his own events class and is never shy about sharing his knowledge with the masses to help you develop a full scope of event planning diversity. His contributions towards event professionals has been quite generous, and perhaps more valuable than anything you can gain from a course in event planning.


2. Corporate & Social Events Guru

Colin Cowie has mastered the art of corporate and social event planning and has designed the most epic productions the world has seen. His sophisticated and tasteful style has turned dreams into reality for a plethora of clients around the globe, including events for royalty and celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, and Tom Cruise. Just going through articles and images of his events will inspire you to deliver the same type of experiences at your events.

The Cowie team has mastered Corporate Event Planning and can surely teach you a thing or two about weaving your brand’s story throughout the entire event. They have taught event professionals how to incorporate fun and class fluidly into an event that is meant to be informative and business forward.


3. Inspirational Event Professional

As an event entrepreneur it is important that you attend trade shows and events like The Event Planner Expo in New York, where a guru like Colin Cowie is listed as a keynote speaker so that you can add value to your event planning style. There is no doubt that after listening to Cowie, you will leave inspired with the stories he delivers.

4. The Colin Cowie Wow Factor

Colin has astounding ideas that will wow your clients and guests with the imaginative and experiential approach he delivers into every event he touches. He focuses on awakening each of your senses with his attention to detail in design, touch, taste, smell, and of course, the way each person feels throughout the event. He knows how to create the ultimate experience for everyone!

5. Event Planning Expert

Cowie is an expert in the events & wedding industry who is known to deliver anything from larger-than-life weddings to intimate birthday celebrations. He makes sure you encompass everything into your event, including a magnificent wedding website. He has been recognized as a top event professional for the corporate events industry for providing consults on events that are focused on international hospitality and has designed many projects for retailers, hotels, and airlines.

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