5 Best Entertainment Groups for Your Next New York Event

September 22, 2018 Susan Serena

When planning an event in New York, whether it be a wedding, bar mitzvah, company event, birthday, anniversary or holiday party, entertainment serves as the key component to which the whole event revolves and focuses around. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been to a wedding or two where the guests remain seated for the entirety of the reception, while the dance floor is bare all night. And what’s the reasoning behind this? The entertainment does not perform its assigned task of motivating and exciting people to hop out of their seats and break out their best moves!

Perhaps the DJ totally misses the mark when it comes to song selection, or the lights and sound system are also to blame. Regardless of the exact cause of the party being a dud, it is evident that the hired entertainment is at fault. The entertainment dictates whether the guests and party throwers will enjoy the event and have overall fun. Thus, you have to be ever so selective when choosing entertainment, since it has the power to make or break your event completely. We’ve made things a bit easier for you by narrowing it down to the 5 best entertainment groups for your next New York event!



  1.  Allen Dalton Entertainment Group

Allen Dalton Productions offers hundreds of cutting-edge, first quality entertainments to their clients, for example the hottest DJs in New York whom are guaranteed to add life to your party. Not only do they provide the best entertainment that New York has to offer, but the possibilities of their services are endless and unlimited. When browsing through their selection of entertainments, if you have an idea that is not listed, fear not! Let the Allen Dalton Entertainment Group know exactly what you’re looking for, and they are able to customize and specialize something that brings your idea to life!



  1.  Eclipse Entertainment

Eclipse Entertainment is constantly updating and upgrading their equipment in order to provide you and your guests with the highest quality experience possible. They have a great understanding of the importance and uniqueness of your event, therefore their overarching goals are to design and execute the event of your dreams, and capture each and every moment which you will keep for years on end. Eclipse Entertainment provides services including MC/DJ teams, live music in the genres ranging from classical to disco to hip-hop to latin, photography, cinematography, photo booths and ambient and automated lighting!



  1.   LA Photo Party

Looking for the perfect way to capture precious, cherished moments from your event and turn them into memories that last a lifetime? Look no further! LA Photo Party is an event photography company that covers all of your photo and video needs. With offices located in both New York City and Los Angeles, they are implementing the newest technology in their services, ranging from booths with classic photo strips, to green screens and virtual realities which you and your guests can use, thus ensuring the event is memorable. They even offers a service titled “the rev”, which is a camera that travels around the guests, using a 360 degree activation platform, to capture slow motion videos or even animated gifs!



  1.  Interactive Entertainment Group

Interactive Entertainment Group acts as a leading provider of interactive products and entertainment planning for events in the New York area. Through their unmatched emphasis on creativity, flexibility, expertise and dedication, they ensure the success of your event whether it be a trade show, grand opening, theme party, campus event or corporate event. Their extensive list of clientele includes Fortune 500 companies, universities and colleges, and large non-profit organizations. Interactive Entertainment Group adds energy and excitement to private parties like no one else! With services like live entertainment, high-tech interactive games, game shows, crafts, food and inflatables, stage props, sound, lighting and special effects, choosing IEG is a choice for enjoyment, celebration and laughter.



  1.  Atomic Entertainment

Want to wow your guests with jaw dropping entertainment and performers? I know just the entertainment provider for you! Atomic Entertainment is a full service event production company which incorporates circus, dance, burlesque and vaudeville with the newest technology available. As a result, you and your guests are presented with an original, memorable experience. With offices in both New York and Montreal, Atomic has the advantage of combining the best of New York’s overly competitive dance scene with the elite artistic talents of Montreal’s Circus performers, to thus form an outstanding team of entertainers guaranteed to charm your guests.


Overall, it is vital to understand the high importance for good entertainment when planning an event, no matter how small or how large. The right entertainer has the ability to transform your venue into a high-energy club with popular songs blasting, colorful lights beating, and smiling guests dancing. The ideal entertainer also has the power to convert a reception hall to an elegant, dream-like place, with classical live music that captivates the guests and sets the scene for a beautiful evening. Regardless of what kinds of ideas you have for your event, you can count any of the five entertainment groups listed to bring those visions to life and make your event a huge success!


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