What are Brides Looking for in 2019?

December 26, 2018 Susan Serena

Here at The Event Planner Expo, we like dedicating the month of December (most popular month for engagements) to brainstorm with wedding event planners about all the creative wedding trends for the year ahead.

In this post, you'll find some of the trends that wedding event planners and brides should be excited for in 2019! You'll find decor tips we're obsessed with, practices we want to steal (eh hem, we mean graciously borrow), and ideas we can't wait to see couples execute. Basically, these are the ideas that could take your wedding from being a "nice wedding" to the "wedding of the year." And not to brag, but we kind of know our stuff…

What are Brides Looking for in 2019?

Wedding Event Planners are Loving the Flowers

After many years of subdued color palettes for centerpieces and bouquets, 2019 is projected to see a rebirth of bright, intensely colored flowers. Rich greenery will continue to be a pretty big part of the ceremony and reception decor, but we foresee it being combined with a more colorful assortment of flowers, in contrast to being used on its own or just paired with white stems as seen in past years.

It's All About the Wedding Dresses

It should be of no surprise to wedding event planners that one of the biggest influencers in the events industry was who first revealed what to look out for as far as wedding dress trends go for 2019. This year Martha Stewart Weddings showed off some of the highlighted wedding dress picks from fashion week. She shows off some of the long-sleeve lace bodice which served as inspiration for numerous brides in years past. So, it’s safe to say that you can expect to see hints of luxurious sleeves in both ceremony and reception dresses for the upcoming year. Most notably, will be the boat-neck-meets-off-the-shoulder silhouette which is yet another design concept that is being brought back from the past. It appears that we are about to enter a wedding dress renaissance! That means you can expect to see oversized bows, sleeves with a lot of poof, and lots of sparkle!

Sidebar: For brides who are rebellious to trends, 2019 rebellious brides will be more inclined to wear dresses with geometric shapes and patterns; as opposed to the floral lace and sweetheart necklines.

Wedding Event Planners Have New Concepts for the Reception

Here are a few twists to add to your wedding reception in 2019:

Shot! Shot! Shot! – No, this is not about having guests take a shot mid-way through the reception as per usual. This is all about the actual couple taking a moment to take a shot at the beginning of the ceremony. Talk about a great way to kick off the party (and, of course, a lifetime of great adventure together)!

Last Dance – OK, so we’re all used to seeing the first dance at a wedding reception, but what about introducing a “last dance”? At the end of the night, as all of the guests begin to exit, have the bride and groom take one last swing, just the two of them. I mean they had their grand entrance with the first dance, so why not introduce a grand exit as well?

A touch-up station - There's always a helluva long line in the lady’s room as women (by nature) love to touch-up their hair and makeup midway through a party. Thankfully, wedding event planners have conjured up an idea for a solution! Hire some event pros to set up a touch-up station in a discrete area. We're not talking about having full makeovers done here, but a fresh touch-up on the lip gloss or re-curling your hair can go a long way. Especially on a day where you’re constantly being photographed!

Food Glorious Food

Food- Just like branding is a huge element with corporate events, wedding event planners are predicting that it will also be a big part of the 2019 wedding trends. I mean it actually makes sense since couples are more inclined to choose the types of food that are inventive and relatable to their preferences. While sit-down dinners are always going to be popular for most weddings, couples are starting to get more creative with their food choices and are opting out of serving the typical buffet selections. So, you can expect to see themed food stations instead of one huge buffet — think custom pizzas, raw seafood bars, tacos stand, and much more!

Cake – In terms of sweets, here’s an idea we're totally into: mini wedding cakes! After all, tiny food is all the rage at cocktail hour, so why not make it that way during the reception too?!

We know that each year some pretty cool wedding trends are revealed by top wedding event planners, but we feel that our 2019 brides will be especially impressed with the above-mentioned concepts. So, tell us, what trends are you excited about?! Comment below!

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