Benefits of Using Chat Bots in Event Planning

July 24, 2018 Susan Serena

Artificial Intelligence (AI) really made an impact in the events industry in 2018, and now we’re anticipating its domination for years to come. Just the use of chat bots in event planning has it’s perks for both the event-goer, and the event planner.

Let’s review the functions that will help ensure your attendees are having the best experience possible with the use of chat bots in event planning.

Chat Bots in Event Planning

Upcoming Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Event trends reports are showing that there will be a dramatic change in the use of Artificial Intelligence in upcoming years. It appears that they would outperform most of the current tools being used by event planners all over the world in both social and corporate planning. One of the most prominent AI tools are Chat bots. Chat bots are designed to interact either vocally or via text messaging.

Let’s review why chat bots in event planning is valuable for events…

What’s a Chat Bot?

Chatbots are a conversational instrument that provide variation on a chat-driven process. Their main purpose is to give constant answers to inquiries via programming. You’re probably most used to them as the friendly little pop-ups that offer you help at the bottom corner of a website. It’s that capability to help, that empowers chatbots as the new wave of communication for support at events.

Are Chat bots a form of artificial intelligence?

A chatbot’s AI level varies from one chatbot to the other. Right now, there’s a drive for chatbots to become more AI-based, so they can begin understanding the sentiments of the users they’re interacting with to then complete the right action. For example, if a user asks a specific question the chatbot should be able to answer their query plus offer extended services.

Human-driven training is what makes the most successful chatbots a useful communication tool. So that you can understand what this type of chatbot is capable of, think about how many ways to ask where the bathroom is exists. The chatbot would be programmed to understand the question in any way the user phrases it.

Chatbots in Event Planning

There’s a vast range of benefits for chatbots in event planning. Some of these benefits have proven that chatbots may be a more appropriate option than event apps, and that chatbots are an enormous asset to relieve stress to your event team before, during, and after an event. We’re super excited about chatbots in event planning, and we're sure  you will be too!

Suitability for all events

Chatbots in event planning are here, this is not something for the distant future. Since the implementation method is more suitable for small events, you can offer chatbots as an easier form of communication than a complex event app. The most valuable aspect of chatbots in event planning is that they’re great for every type of event. All attendees need communication methods they can use that are tailored to the event and can assist them with any query they may have. So you can easily consider chatbots as a stable in your event planning process.



As technology advances and chatbots in event planning become more sophisticated, event planners may not need devoted event apps any longer. Let’s envision for a second that chatbots can deliver all essential material, in a tailored, effective manner. Couple that with the fact that event goers are usually more likely to adapt to a chatbot than an event app because of its familiar interface, then we think it’s safe to say chatbots are going to win the day!

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