LA Photo Party

March 25, 2015 Megan Stoeckel

If you are looking to add a new and exciting element to your next event, LA Photo Party is just what you need! LA Photo Party’s various unique features will add the perfect touch! 

LA Photo Party’s PhotoBooth with out the booth is a portable photo studio that can fit more than 10 people in and provides your guests with a high quality photo to take home with them.

Another great option for events of all kinds is the Photosphere360, a one of a kind photo experience that snaps branded 360-degree photos at parties and events that can be turned into interactive movies. LA Photo Party also gives you the option to add your logo to the video so when your guests upload it to Facebook and LinkedIn they are doing viral marketing for you! 

When you add Photo Party upload to your event, your photos are transferred from The LA Photo Party camera straight to an iPad where your guests can print, email, and upload photos live from your event.

LA Photo Party offers these photo options plus more, so make sure you check them out at this year’s expo to see all the amazing features they have to offer! Don’t forget to snap a photo of your experience, then upload it to your social media pages so that your friends can check them out too! 

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