Meet Glam Squad. Founded by Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

July 29, 2015 Katie Kristiansen

Glam Squad

Founded by The Event Planner Expo’s Keynote Speaker: Alexandra Wilkis-Wilson


    Ladies... someone has finally put into effect the million dollar idea you’ve been thinking in your head every time your rush in and out of the salon, wishing in the end you could style your hair yourself. Glamsquad is an on-demand beauty service that brings a personal beauty stylist straight to your house to blow-out and style your hair, do your nails, and make-up from the comforts of your home.

    With affordable prices that are far better than some of the iffy boutique salons in your neighborhood, Glam Squad offers an experience to be lapped in luxury and treated like a celebrity in your own home. With a wide demographic fitting for young party goers, busy city moms, and corporate CEO’s alike, this business idea has reached $7 million in less than a year since launching in 2014. The company has already expanded its boundaries beyond New York City to include major cities like Los Angeles and Miami, with plans to expand further.

The Event Planner Expo’s keynote speaker Alexandra Wilkis-Wilson has signed on to the company as President and Chief Executive Officer. With her power and success working with e-commerce, she brings 15 years of experience in the luxury, retail, and finance fields. With an active interest in New York City startup companies, she is sure to shed some light on the success to business and customer-service from her personal experience.


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