3 Last Minute Event Promotion Tactics for Event Planners in NYC

March 29, 2018 Susan Serena

It always pays off when Event Planners in NYC plan their events early on. But, there may be occasions beyond your control when you have to plan a conference or seminar a few days short of event day. While it may be complicated to work on an a very tight deadline, it can be done with a prepared strategy.

Sure, it’ll probably be a bit stressful, and your head may spin in every direction all at once, but here’s where your multitasking skills will shine and come into play.

1. Event Planners in NYC Need to Focus on Quality Instead of Quantity

When the clock is ticking for Event Planners in NYC, it is especially tempting to resort to mass emailing when sending out invitations. But, having less people that really want to be at your event is much better than having hundreds that just come for the free food or to use the event as a social hour. Instead of sending a large and basic email, concentrate on your more loyal followers and use the time to send them a private invitation.

This can be by email, by text, or by posting to social media. Alternatively, organizers could consider taking to paid online advertisements through Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, or through an affiliate ad campaign.

2. Get Event Participants Involved

If you people participating in the event, such as  keynote speakers, ask them to help you promote the event through their own contacts. This will multiply the effects of your outreach tenfold. Event Planners in NYC can get their affiliates excited about helping them at the last minute, by providing them with some incentives for their efforts. For example, they can provide a free subscription or a product of their choosing for associates who sell a certain amount of tickets.

You can also implement a tier level sales reward like:

  • 5 tickets sold: $20 gift card
  • 10 tickets sold: free 6-month subscription of your service
  • 20 tickets sold: choice of $50 gift card or both rewards from the lower tiers mentioned above
  • 30 tickets sold: permanent 10% increase in commission

With incentives like the one listed above, affiliates will be more willing to help endorse the event. Properly collaborating with event affiliates is one of the most significant and effective forms to market an event.

3. Promote, Promote, and Promote Some More on Social Media

As we’ve stated in many of our previous posts, Social media is your best friend when it comes to event promotion tactics. Event Planners in NYC will need to use  every social media network their company has with mentions about the upcoming event many times a day.

Never underestimate the power of a tweet. Each tweet sent in promotion of your event can include a explicitly designated hashtag. Some of your posts should also have pictures relating to the event. This may be an image of one of the guest speakers, the venue, or a short video. Operative event promotion tactics require that planners reach out to potential attendees on a continuing basis in order to persuade them to register for the event.

LinkedIn is another useful tool. The event, after all, is linked to your company, so make virtuous use of this particular social network to reach out to your professional associates. Lookout for group forums on LinkedIn that are related to your niche so that you can spread the message.

After you design a website for your event, connect it to your company page in addition to any social media profiles. It’s also an excellent idea to have your team members do the same for their own social media accounts wherever possible.

Make sure you swap your profile picture with an image or video of the event invitation or event logo leading to the event.

For Event Planners in NYC to increase social media reach, they can also consider executing some sort of referral program or competition as part of the event’s promotion strategy. The referral program may work equally to the rewards program for affiliates by providing incentive to those who get a friend or colleague to go to the event.

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