3 Rules of Thumb to Live by as a NYC Event Planner

April 26, 2017 Susan Serena

Whether it is Comic Con, Brighton SEO, or the Glastonbury Festival, one thing they all do well is bring out the party ambiance in their events. It is so easy for a NYC Event Planner to get caught up in the corporate event planning challenges, and then we tend to forget to prioritize the fun factor. Yes, details, contracts, negotiations, etc. are all a part of the process in being a NYC Event Planner. However, let’s not diminish the focal point. Having a good time is what the ultimate goal is for your guests. Bring down the barriers of corporate event planning and try to enhance the connections that your attendees make with other guests, and ensure that the event is a memorable one.

What’s the best thing about going to an event planner expo or trade show? The after parties! Busy event professionals don’t only plan to attend seminars and visiting the exhibitor booths on the floor. They also plan for the downtime they’ll enjoy at the related fringe events. Remember, good times will only enhance the entire event experience, and fond memories will be created. So when planning an event, whether it’s corporate or not, remember why it is your client hired an event planner.

What are 3 rules of thumb to live by as a NYC Event Planner?


Be Creative in Your Event Planning

Sometimes a NYC event planner is held back by their rational voice. Ideas and suggestions are dismissed immediately because it “just wouldn’t work, “or “it’s too risky.” Let’s not forget (if we are being honest) that we fear it could cause too much-added work. This means that at times we are limiting ourselves from discovering new and thrilling possibilities to push the limits and do things in a different way. Experience and training are boundless but sometimes it tends to be counterproductive. Maybe one of the reasons that events and festivals get off the ground with non-professional event planners is because their brain doesn’t know the truth about what they are getting themselves into, and so they don’t worry as much about things that they can’t understand about the business end. For experienced event professionals, the facts of the financial jeopardy or safety and health concerns alone can prevent virtuous ideas from becoming a reality.

Go Old School

In this event tech-driven world, mailing out badges may seem like an outdated and expensive way of doing things, but is this actually a genius tactic we should bring back to our events? When the event badges from the Brighton SEO affair were mailed out it generated a burst of excitement and pictures across social media, as well as a reminder that it was only a few weeks until the event for those that hadn’t organized their accommodation or travel yet. Then, on the day, those that had remembered their badge flew through the doors and into the event instead of queuing up for their event badge to be reprinted. On the downside, there was no scientific way of tracking exactly how many people made it to the event, which they would have had from a tech driven solution but the ease and social media metrics were more important in this example.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

As a NYC Event Planner, it is easy to get worked up about the tiniest detail and worry if something doesn’t go perfectly to plan. It is easy to get bogged down in the execution and lose sight of what the priorities are. Half the time your attendees probably haven’t even noticed that something isn’t as you planned it anyway.

A big lesson is to stay focused on what is really important and don’t let irrelevant issues bring you down. Do you think Michael Eavis worried about how many or few would turn up for the first festivals at Worthy Farm? Instead, he incorporated the hippie vibe and free festival movement of the early 1970’s, and could never have dreamt how iconic Glastonbury would become.

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