Boost Your Brand’s Image and Profits at the Event Planner Expo

February 23, 2015 Megan Stoeckel

In the business world, companies have to be visible to be successful. People need to know (and know about) a company if they’re going to work with them for any service. Of course, in the events industry this is doubly true. Like any business, though, you have to make your own place in the world. People aren’t going to come looking for you. It’s up to you to find them-- your audience, your customers, and your partnerships and associations. Exhibiting at, or even just attending, the Event Planner Expo is one of the best ways to reach out to the target audiences you seek, both for prestige and profit.


Everyone Benefits at the Expo

Trade shows aren’t just for newbies who are trying to get their feet wet and get noticed by the industry’s big players. They’re also not just for the elite, seasoned, well-known event planners to rub elbows. The Event Planner Expo is beneficial for everyone. A new business can get it’s name out in the industry with a much wider reach than other advertising methods. It can also allow them to network and get a better start in the business than they would using other methods. Older companies can use their reputation to keep their brand going and growing by exhibiting at the Expo. They’ll be the trusted professionals people rely on, and remind people why they are still the best choice for their services.

Some of the perks that you’ll enjoy when you participate in The Event Planner Expo 2015 include:

●Networking, List Building, and Marketing Opportunities

●Building Brand Awareness or Growing Brand Reach

●Creating Buzz About Your Brand

●Industry Networking and Partnership Opportunities

●New Business and Business Deals


If you’re in the event planning industry, attending the Event Planner Expo is a must if you want continued growth and success. It’s not about whether you’ll go, but about how much you’ll take away from such a great opportunity.


Image is Everything

Events are about people and places, having fun and seeing familiar faces.  In this industry, image is a big deal. It doesn’t matter what your brand stands for if people can’t see it. You can’t tell them who you are. You have to SHOW them who you are. The Event Planner Expo is a great way to do just that, and so much more. Here, there are a dozen ways to grow your business in just one day, and it’s the perfect way to increase your public image and your profits. People don’t just want a business these days, they want to work with people they know and trust. They want personable, but professional. The Event Planner Expo is the perfect place to showcase all of your assets and abilities so that people will choose you.

If you plan on climbing to the top or staying at the top of the events industry, you can’t afford to miss The Event Planner Expo 2015. This is your pass to multiple marketing and business resources and a chance to showcase your brand for the entire industry to see. 

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