Choosing The Best Entertainment for Your Next Event

May 26, 2015 Megan Stoeckel

Choosing the right entertainment for your event plays a significant role in how people measure your ability to plan a great party. Sometimes the entertainment alone is what your guests remember so deciding on what type of entertainment you’ll choose should be at the top of your list. Good food and drinks can only go so far, the rest is up to the type of entertainment you chose to fill the guest’s time. So what are some of the best entertainment options for your event? Here are some excellent choices.

Music – Whether you choose a live band or DJ, music is the backbone of a good event. Make sure to pick musicians that will appeal to the crowd. You surely don’t want to choose a wedding singer for a corporate event. So make sure your selection is fitting to your audience.

Comedians – When is a good laugh a bad idea? Never. There are plenty of comics to choose from, but make sure you do your research before you make a final decision. Search online so you can view some video clips before booking a comedian. You want to make sure that they are, in fact, funny and that their style of humor matches your guest’s taste.

Karaoke – Sing along entertainment is always a good time in just about any setting. You want to make sure the equipment is trustworthy and that the music library is broad enough to include selections from many genres. Everyone has a favorite song they like to sing and after a few cocktails, guests love to get on stage and grab the microphone.

Casino Games – Viva Las Vegas is a popular theme for parties and just the same, including casino games at any event will appeal to most crowds. There is a certain excitement that slot machines, poker, and bingo bring to an event and usually makes time fly. Guests will leave happy and wanting more time to play.

Caricature Artists - This form of entertainment is always great fun for any event type. People seem to love to see a drawing of themselves even if the cartoon character barely looks like them at all. The touch of humor that the final product presents will keep your guests smiling and enjoying their time. Plus they will have a nice little souvenir to take home with them!


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