Wow Your Guests with Interactive Art at Your Next Event

June 1, 2015 Megan Stoeckel

When it comes to deciding entertainment ideas for events, planners have to really think outside the box to wow their attendees and clients. Ideally you want to select entertainment that appeals to the particular group you are putting the affair together for. For example, not always is a magician or an MC appropriate as entertainment for corporate events. Expanding the creative direction of an event can be the deciding component to the success of a great event.

In the early 2000’s the idea of intertwining entertainment with food became quite popular in corporate events. The idea of eating food from a naked sushi bar quickly became “the thing to do” not only at corporate events but social activities as well. 

In 2013 The Food network’s 20th birthday celebration kicked it up a notch, pun intended, with an astounding interactive food installation that left guests speaking about it for months.

Although the concept of food being a form of art is commonly argued there is no doubt that art is what you’re looking at with some of these colorful and tasteful displays. On the back end, it creates a space within your venue where people can gather, chat, and do what just about everyone loves to do. Eat.

From edible art to art in its traditional form, the interactive entertainment allows your guests to engage in ways that are unexpected and unique.  The best part is, the installations are a hit in just about any event type.

From coloring in a board on a wall to creating sculptures out of clay, interactive art installations are a great form of creative entertainment for any event.

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