How The Event Planner Expo Can Increase Revenue

April 18, 2016 Susan Serena

Depending on what your business goals are for the upcoming year, you may find yourself contemplating whether you should exhibit at the upcoming Event Planner Expo. Your decision should be based on the answer to one question, are you looking to make more money than last year? If your answer is yes, then so should be your answer on whether or not you should exhibit.

Exhibiting at The Event Planner Expo increases your revenue dramatically because you are exposed to an audience that decided to attend specifically because they are in the event industry or looking for vendors for their upcoming events. There is no grey area when it comes to who attends the Event Planner Expo in NYC. You will not come across farmers, you will not see aspiring actors/actresses, and you will not come across doctors looking for updates in pharmaceuticals.

What you will come across are people who are in need of your products or service. Additionally, you will network with professionals just like you who may be able to throw some work your way. Still in doubt?

Let’s dig into How The Event Planner Expo Can Help Increase Revenue Dramatically:

1. Cross Sell & Upsell: Offering a better deal to your target audience or added value to your existing customers will bring in higher sales numbers at your booth. Send out an email campaign or post special offers on your social media channels that provide an incentive for those who come by your booth and place an order/sign up for your services. For existing customers, you can invite them to get an upgrade in products or services at a lesser rate than you would offer outside of The Event Planner Expo.

2. Grouping Your Services or Products: When you combine individual services or products that naturally complement each other and offer the entire package at a single fixed price, that demonstrates irresistible value to your consumers as opposed to having them purchase the items individually. This can dramatically increase revenue in addition to allowing you to sell a complete solution for your customer that will lock them into your brand.

3. POS Promotions: There is no law that says you can’t push further at the point of sale. Offering each customer other services as they place their orders can dramatically increase sales at The Event Planner Expo. You can also offer a first-time buyer’s discount which is a proven method for getting a customer who is on the fence about buying, over to the paying customer side of the fence.

The best way to promote other products or services is by deciding before the expo which products or services go hand-in-hand with others. Once you see a visitor at your booth is interested in one of your items or services, your brain should quickly turn to the “go to” item for that product or service. Don’t pitch the add-on right away because you may lose them altogether, but once they’re at the point of sale, you can kindly suggest what would go great with their purchase. Staying proactive from the time they arrive at your booth to the time they are leaving will help increase your ROI in an abundant way.

If you would like more information on how the Event Planner Expo 2016 can help increase your revenue, please feel free to contact us!

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