Mouthwatering Dessert Station Ideas for Event Planners in NYC

March 28, 2018 Susan Serena

Food stations can add a classy yet fun element to buffet style dining at larger events and can be less expensive than a sit-down meal. It is a great opportunity to create themes and presentations for the food you are offering. Some might argue that dessert is the most important course because it is served or presented last and so it stays on the forefront of your guest’s mind when they think of catering. In this case, being creative and inventive is an essential way to make your dessert station stand out.

Here are some delicious and delectable dessert station inspiration from foodies around the world, if you aren’t hungry after these then you simply aren’t human!

10 Dessert Station Ideas for Event Planners in NYC

1. Edible Floral Dessert Station

An edible floral cupcake station that matches the wedding cake is an excellent way for Event Planners in NYC to keep the event theme the whole way through!

2. Exotic Fruit Dessert Station

This tree of fruit makes for an excellent dessert station or centerpiece for any event. It becomes it’s own display of exotic fruit and can be the focal point for the room. Who said desserts can’t be healthy, delicious and look amazing?

3. Chocolate Pyramids Dessert Station

This dessert station is classy, elegant and includes macarons and sugar flowers to add essence to the delicious white chocolate pyramids.

4. Macaron Dessert Station

Simple, sweet and very, very moreish, macarons are an excellent choice for dessert stations and can be created in a variety of flavors, colors and centerpieces such as these macaron towers.

5. Winter Wonderland Dessert Station

This Winter Wonderland Dessert Station is simple and yet elegant. You can choose from a variety of white candy and edible glitter galore for that seasonal themed party motivation.

6. Car Enthusiast Dessert Station

Event Planners in NYC sometimes have to pull tricks out of their hat when it comes to corporate events. This classy dessert table for the car enthusiasts has individually wrapped cupcakes presented on the dessert station. This would be a great touch to a party for a client who loves luxury cars too!

7. Rustic Country Dessert Station

This outdoor, rustic theme dessert table is filled with little nibbles for as your guests arrive, because Event Planners in NYC know you might want to eat your dessert first.

8. Fancy Donuts Dessert Station

Make donuts fancy because everyone loves them and incorporate them like Event Planners in NYC do when a client requests it for their wedding dessert bar. You can make them fit perfectly with the other elegant desserts.

9. Cookie Bar Dessert Station

Feature your client's family recipes in an elaborate cookie buffet. This is also a great way to compliment your guests because you're including one of their delectable recipes for the event.

10. Milk & Cookies Dessert Station

Milk & Cookies is the best dessert table idea for guests as they are about to leave, and they are suitable for all ages! You can take this classic dessert and make it your own!

In Conclusion

Dessert stations don’t have to be boring and as you can see the food and décor itself can be incorporated easily into the theme of a range of events. With any luck, these illustrations have provided some insight and food inspiration for your next event and will help Event Planners in NYC come up with some creative ideas for their own dessert stations!

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