Top 2 Event Tech Ideas for Event Planners in NY

May 25, 2018 Susan Serena

Event Planners in NY know that technology moves at the speed of light. The latest in #eventtech today is tomorrow’s old news, so to keep up with hot topics in event technology can become challenging and feel like a full-time job. Not to mention that keeping up with the latest tech tools can become expensive! That said, let’s talk about the top 2 event tech ideas for Event Planners in NY that won’t break the bank.

Display Technology for Events Planners in NY

It’s really remarkable how far display technology has come since the introduction of smart technology. Just when Event Planners in NY thought HD couldn’t get any better than 4k, 8k resolution became the new standard. These displays have incredible resolution and you’d have to have bionic vision to even see the pixels. So, what can you use display technology for at events?


Get Interactive with Kiosks

Event Planners in NY know that sign printing becomes expensive. Once you start adding the cost of directional signs (even on the cheapest materials) …it adds up. Oh! What about when you have to change or move a breakout session? No one wants to change the time or direction of the arrow with a sharpie. It just looks tacky and unprofessional. Last minute changes can even include changing the name of the sponsor, and you’ll never get anything printed quick enough to make it in time for your event.

Avoid all the hassle by using an interactive display or kiosk just like you’ve seen event venues and hotels using these days. Not only are they easy to use but they’re also interactive. Now you won’t have to worry about a room change, sponsor change, or any last-minute update.

Kiosks are the standard for The Event Planner Expo and other trade shows. Sure, if you feel like it you could fumble for a mobile device to open the event app and look for the booth you’re trying to find. Won’t it be easier to just walk up to the kiosk that has touchscreen and get the answer quicker? Yes! Not to mention it’s a great way to display sponsor info and logos.  


Video Walls

Don’t stop at kiosks, go even bigger with video walls. Think big. Touchscreen video walls are interactive, and Event Planners in NY can rent one that’s tall and wide to ensure that you’re capturing the attention of the attendees. Video walls are an excellent way to create a timeline regarding the history of the event or even your brand. Feel free to use them for something fun like a game at the entrance that will keep everyone entertained during registration. Video walls add a nice high-tech punch to the entrance and can set the tone for the entire conference, trade show, or any other type of corporate event.

Displays are getting slimmer, so screens aren’t bound by the same rules. As a matter of fact, the rules are being bent. You can now find a gorgeous 65” curved display that looks elegant in just about any space and they come equipped with displays on both sides of the unit to produce the best effect and visibility.


These 2 event tech ideas for Event Planners in NY will help you add pizzazz at any event, or it will simply make your planning life easier. Attendees and staff will surely appreciate the upgrade because it makes everyone’s life easier. You can rent these items to stay within budget while still producing fresh and new #eventtech for your attendees. Later on, when your event begins to grow (which comes with added revenue), you can invest in purchasing kiosks and video walls along with any other new technology that has come to surface to provide new and exciting experiences to everyone in the event planning game.


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