What is Event Integrity?

March 15, 2018 Susan Serena

Event Integrity is a brand-new resource raising the value of ethics for Event Planners in NY. It provides a free online marketplace of certified event venues and vendors. This allows customers to utilize the tool for free and find dependable, and pre-screened Event Planners in NY and suppliers. Anyone listed on the site has had to pass various checks to verify that they function with integrity, so it serves as a seal of approval and quality.

The idea for this new initiative came about when one of the Founders, Chrystal Huskey, moved away from a government career and background in law enforcement, into event planning. She was shocked when she discovered that one of her event vendors, who outwardly seemed professional and legitimate, was operating without a license and insurance. She quickly realized that this is a common problem and there was nothing to properly regulate the industry. Crystal established Event Integrity, with a host of other female founders and a female-led team, to ensure that other event planners wouldn’t find themselves in a similarly compromised position.

There are countless horror stories of event scammers and vendor no-shows which too many event planners and consumers have encountered first hand and can have a huge impact on your event execution and event finances. Cowboys, risky businesses and untrustworthy providers are problems that, directly and indirectly, affect everyone in the event industry.


We surely were!

Event Integrity Features That Event Planners in NY Will Love:

Prove Your Integrity. Apply by completing an online form which enables various checks to be run to verify your application. If approved you can be listed on the site and checks are repeated every year to ensure ongoing compliance with the code of conduct.

Market Your Services. Complete your profile to showcase your services and encourage people to contact you about work opportunities. Use your Event Integrity certification and logo with pride to verify your professionalism.

Source Professional Venues, Vendors and Staff. Source venues and vendors such as AV companies, florists, photographers, speakers, DJs and much more via the site, safe in the knowledge that they are approved professionals.

Membership Benefits. Event professionals gain access to their own personal marketplace with discounts, incentives and marketing opportunities. Event Integrity also offers free educational and networking opportunities focused on professionalism.

Event Integrity Application Process

The application process for event planners is easy and completed entirely online. Each application is category specific to their area of expertise, so what is necessary for bartenders may not be necessary for event planners or caterers. Becoming certified with Event Integrity provides a credential for the individual or business looking to stand out from the competition.

The application process takes around 20 minutes and it takes up to 14 days for the checks to be run and a decision to be made on the application. The seven-step process to follow is as follows:

  1. Gather the documentation needed for your application (such as insurance, W9, liquor license, certifications, proof of work for at least one year).
  2. Complete the online application form.
  3. Upload the required documents.
  4. Submit and pay the application fee (from $199).
  5. Wait for notification of the decision.
  6. Selection review is performed.
  7. Add Event Integrity certification details to your website, proposals, and so forth.

In Conclusion

We salute Event Integrity for working hard to recognize and reward Event Planner in NY and vendors in order to raise the professionalism of the industry. It is a well-crafted way to verify genuine providers through analysis of public and private data and to prevent being affected by unethical or unscrupulous operators. Event planners outside the US will be impatient that they cannot access the approval process, but we look forward to seeing the growth of the Event Integrity accreditation throughout the USA.

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