Why New York Event Planners are Utilizing Storytelling at Events

June 29, 2017 Susan Serena

New York Event Planners use storytelling at events to communicate something about the company or the cause that the event is linked to. The goal is to identify (or disassociate) your event’s message through the art of telling a story. It will allow your guests to feel in addition to think. You’re able to convey your message orally, visually or by using written communication. The best New York Event Planners use storytelling intertwined throughout an entire event because it is the best way to present the brand to the audience who has read about you already.

New York Event Planners Define Storytelling

Your story is the core of your organization or event. It’s essential to tell that story in an appealing manner because it’s an easy way to:

  • Inspire
  • Educate
  • Entertain

The extensive expression of storytelling encompasses a lot. At its most elementary, it’s a precise story, or a “once upon a time moment.” Generally, it can easily be considered the life force of your event. For example, you can share the story of how your event came to be. Your hosts or speakers can use this story to educate the crowd. An attendee can tell the story of why this event is so amazing, while the New York Event Planners hired for the event can make sure they design a magical escape in this all-encompassing story like Dragoncon. You can really sell the story or boost engagement and loyalty.

Conveying a story can also be accomplished merely by the language you use while communicating. The public tends to skip over plain statements and clichés. Sprinkle the way you communicate at an event with verbal glitter. Make your pieces amusing to absorb.

Companies have found storytelling to be so significant in sales conversions that brands like Nike maintain a staff of brand storytellers on deck. However, storytelling is more than just a way for New York Event Planners to expand marketing. It also triggers understanding and empathy.

According to Jeremy Hsu’s, who's research was published in Scientific American, it is also the way we mostly communicate in today's day and age. He found that “personal stories and gossip make up 65% of our conversations.” Wow! 65%! So the science behind maintaining a person's attention, in this case a guest/attendee, would be to keep them entertained with a good story. Right? For those of you who love math, that’s more than half of your audience.

The Future of Storytelling

One would imagine that a conference that is titled the “Future of Storytelling” would actually utilize storytelling in an efficient way. The event’s founder and head of Melcher Media, Charles Melcher, stated that, “The Future of Storytelling is an effort to bring a multidisciplinary group of people together to explore the ideas, the new forms, the technologies that are shaping communications in the 21st century,”

This two-day event that is held at an 83-acre waterfront campus in Staten Island, New York offers its guests videos prior to the conference. They are then asked to rank their preferences. That data is then used to match attendees with the sessions that will be most fitting to them. After all, operative storytelling is also tailored.

This tactic strengthens the connection between New York Event Planners, host/presenter and the invitees so that the second the attendee arrives at the conference, there’s already purposeful conversation happening. That means that the exhibitor hall is no longer the most exciting attraction at an expo. Sessions now become a place of enjoyable exchange. Good storytelling is always collective!

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