5 Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas for New York Event Planners

March 7, 2018 Susan Serena

New York Event Planners know that corporate events can be used to spark creativity, innovation and productivity on your team, by choosing exciting activities or experiences that all of your guests can enjoy!

Here are 5 ways New York Event Planners can build their team up and break the ice at annual galas, awards evening or meetings.

Entertainment and experiences aren’t just par for the course when it comes to corporate events, they serve a function on their own. The more your attendees get involved, the better relationships are forged which have a positive impact on productivity and the working environment long-term as well as making employees feel valued.

While it doesn’t have to be go, go, go from start to finish, a few cleverly placed activities or experiences often used by New York Event Planners do in fact add more excitement to the event without busting your budget. We’ve put together a list of amazing ideas you can incorporate into your corporate event to keep guests amused and work for your brand or business, whether it’s a small meeting or an international conference.  

VR Game Experiences

The introduction of virtual reality by New York Event Planners has paved the way for plenty of gamification opportunities in a small space. As you can see here, using a VR headset and controllers can implant attendees into a virtual world to play games that aren’t otherwise logistical in your venue. Plus, it’s highly adaptable and you could opt for company specific ideas that help with problem-solving and team-building tasks too to work on core skills in a fun way.

Wine Blending

Taking wine tasting up a notch is a wine blending team building exercise where you can compete to create the best flavour. As you can see here, three different wines blended at different levels creates unique flavours while promoting creativity and relaxation. This is an excellent activity when guests are sitting down and can be easily upscaled for larger event without having to consider movement or mobility.

360-degree Photo Booth

An interesting experience that New York Event Planners are using for corporate attendees is to create a 360-degree photo booth using a moving backdrop for unique effects. This photo booth can drop attendees into any atmosphere and would be ideal for completely capturing groups so no one gets chopped out of the image!

VIP Shuttle

Encourage sustainable carpooling without compromising on comfort and style with options like this stunning VIP shuttle service. Perfect for event transitions with funky LED lights to keep the event vibes interesting throughout the journey, this allows corporate event attendees to continue team-building and games on the move without separating the group.

New York Event Planners Love Selfie Props

Create plenty of photo opportunities at your corporate event because they are the gift that keep on giving, particularly at the annual retreat! This is a cool example of large selfie props to make the photos memorable and stand out or you could create a backdrop area and corner of your event for capturing the memories.

In Conclusion

New York Event Planners have realized over time that corporate events can be used to spark creativity, innovation and productivity on the team.  Especially if you choose exciting experiences or activities like the 5 we chose up top. Incorporate these ideas into your next corporate event and just make sure to tie them into your event message and cater to everyone.


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