How NYC Event Planners are Mastering their Social Media Strategy for Events

March 9, 2018 Susan Serena

NYC Event Planners have found that almost 25% of the ticket traffic and confirmed registrations for events come from social media marketing. With a good social media event marketing approach, you will be able to drive even more traffic — and turn more of those clicks into ticket registrations and sales.

This article will help guide you in the beginning steps to mastering your social media strategy for events. In just a few simple steps, you’ll learn how to change and expand your marketing strategy across the most popular platforms, including how to:

  • Prioritize which platforms to use, and learn how to save time while utilizing them
  • Boost engagement on social media networks while promoting the event
  • Scale results and see which method drove the most traffic for ticket sales

Most Popular Social Media Platforms for NYC Events

According to Statistica, here are the social networks with the most monthly active users in 2018. Now we’ll explore who those people actually are and how to decide which social networks will be most impactful for your event.


Which Social Networks will be Most Impactful for NYC Event Planners?

Now it’s time to decide which social network makes the most sense for the content you’re producing.

NYC Event Planners need to consider the content they’re producing and sharing. Are you posting links to longer articles about speakers at your conference? Instagram might not make much sense, given that it’s primarily used on mobile where people don’t necessarily want to read longer articles (and you can’t include clickable links in your captions). But if your promotion strategy is focused on pictures and videos from last year’s music festival, Instagram could be the perfect fit.

Do your potential attendees spend time there? To answer the second question, NYC Event Planners need to understand their audience. What is the average age of your attendees? Do they skew to one gender? Based on your ticket or registration price, make an educated guess about their income level. Once you understand your attendees, it’s time to find the social network(s) where your audience spends the most time. Check out the Pew Research Center’s demographics of how many online internet users use each social network below.

The bottom two networks are where you should spend the least of your marketing time.


So how should NYC Event Planners apply this knowledge? Find the networks where your potential attendees and social media users overlap. Some of the overlap should feel intuitive: if you organize professional events, you may want to stick to networks with more college grads. If you’re organizing more expensive leisure activities, you probably want to focus on platforms with an audience with a higher income level.

If you’re not sure where the overlap is, dig into your ticketing and registration reports or consider sending a survey to your previous attendees to better understand their demographics. You can even add a custom question to your purchase flow about social media to find out where your most recent ticket buyers or registrants are active.

In Conclusion

Sure, there are other components NYC Event Planners should consider when learning how to master their marketing strategy on social media platforms for events but knowing who your actual audience is and where they spend their time online is the right start. Next, you’ll have to measure the type of event content you’re publishing and then make sure that content is enticing them to register for your event.

Keep checking out our blog posts for more ideas on how to promote your events and increase your number of registrants each year!

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