5 MUST HAVE Hotel Amenities for Attendees

June 26, 2018 Susan Serena

Something Event Planners in New York frequently ignore when booking hotel blocks for conferences are the hotel amenities for attendees. People pay a lot of money and travel far to get to your event, so isn’t it your job to make their time away from home a positive experience?

In this post, we will show you just what to look for! We have collected some of the best hotel amenities for Event Planners in New York to keep in mind when looking for the right hotel to host the next conference. Whether that be an amazing view, a good-sized bar, or a busy shopping area we’ve got you covered.


Amazing Views

Location, location, location. When looking for the right hotel for the next conference, make sure to consider what’s around the hotel and what the views look like for your guests. There’s nothing more refreshing than looking out of your hotel window every morning to see an astonishing view. It really does make a difference to how the day will start and with most people posting their life on social media, having an astonishing view will stimulate more advertisement for your brand.  


Hotel Bar

Most hotels have somewhat of a bar area but to really be unique, Event Planners in New York need to find a hotel that has live entertainment or bartending classes. Fairmont Dubai shaped a live mixology lab which is a collaborative class that shows you how to design a variation of mixed drinks. A hotel that includes a bar or entertainment will give your attendees an opportunity to enjoy and relax at the end of their day while they watch people and indulge with music.


Who hasn’t attended a conference and overlooked bringing some essential items? Make sure the hotel you chose has a concierge to help with those little mishaps.  Most concierges will go shopping for your guests and deliver items to their hotel room. A concierge will know the local city well, so they can also help with reservations for the finest restaurants in the area and arrange transportation to get there. It is the concierge’s job to take care of your guests and make sure they have the best experience imaginable. The Spectator Hotel is known for their concierge services and they aim to meet all of their guests’ needs. In fact, the butlers are mandated to take southern hospitality training.

Close to Shopping and Restaurants

Event Planners in New York know that when people attend conferences, they’re also looking for leisure activities outside of conference hours. Make sure the hotel you choose is close to shopping areas and restaurants. Most people go in groups to eat at restaurants that are near the hotel each day to relax and network. So, it’s imperative that you make sure the nearby restaurants are big enough to hold big groups of people. If you’re planning arranged dinners or happy hours, call ahead and give the restaurant a heads up so that they are ready for the rush of attendees.


FREE High-Speed WIFI

Of course, it’s vital to make sure that the hotel you choose for the conference has FREE high-speed WIFI for all guests. It’s important that your attendees stay connected at all times, so they can receive event updates and push notifications. Essentially, FREE and high-speed WIFI is a necessity!


The bottom line when Event Planners in New York are looking for the right hotel for their attendees is to make sure you keep the attendees leisure time in mind. Think about the little hotel amenities that you find comforting when you travel yourself. The components that make you feel relaxed and less stressed while you’re away from home. Don’t forget to find the exclusive treasures like the remarkable view, the exceptional architecture, or the robotic check-in that attendees won’t stop talking about during and after the event. With these 5 hotel amenities for your conference attendees, your guests will feel thought of at the conference 24/7! 

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