5 Steps for Corporate Event Planners to Create a Blockchain or Crypto Conference

June 20, 2018 Susan Serena

Over the past few years, Corporate Event Planners have noticed that blockchain and cryptocurrency has become one of the most attention-grabbing trades in the world. As this space has grown, so have blockchain and crypto events.

Countless crypto fanatics are appreciating that now is the most opportune time to plan a crypto conference to provide a platform that will facilitate the conversation of this growing technology and to help boost the industry. If you happen to be one of these fanatics (or work with them), this article is for you!

The following tips are meant to help Corporate Event Planners convert a crypto conference idea into a reality.

5 Steps for Corporate Event Planners to Create a Blockchain or Crypto Conference


1) Choose the Right Event Management Software

Corporate Event Planners should set aside time to find an event management software to help build your conference.  Organizing a crypto conference  is comprised of many moving parts and having a central control panel for all of your crypto event needs—from website, to social media, to registration, to event analytics—will make the whole process more effective and efficient.

2) Website SEO

During this time where crypto conferences are swamping people's calendars, it is imperative for Corporate Event Planners to fortify the organic search performance of your event. Take advantage of the following three tips to make your event website easily discovered.

  • Targeted keywords - If you were to distill the value of your crypto or blockchain event into three or four words, what would those words be? Be strategic and consistent with the keywords you choose because this will influence the rest of your SEO strategy, both paid and organic. Spend enough time thinking about the keywords you want to rank for, making sure that you are differentiating yourself from other similar events in the space. 
  • Google Search Console - Once your event website is ready to go live, sync it with Google Search Console to optimize its SEO performance. Google Search Console is a free tool that will help maximize your site’s discoverability through a multitude of features such as debugging pages, revealing opportunity keywords, and performance reports. 
  • Link building - Your event website’s SEO can improve drastically if a significant number of other websites, specifically reputable ones, host links that lead back to your page. To build this network of backlinks, reach out to crypto and blockchain publications that may be willing to include your event website link on their page. A good way to kill two birds with one stone is to request to be featured on blockchain event directories. This way, people looking for blockchain events will come across your event and it will also serve as a backlink to your event website. 

3) Retarget Your Ads

If you have an existing database of email contacts, you can use your database to retarget them on other platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google. This is recognized as custom audience building which is an efficient way to . The key benefit here is that once you’ve reached out to a possible attendee, you’re now able to offer the exact same value suggestion across platforms which now keeps the messaging consistent and frequent. Aiming your email contacts from all angles will prove to be very operative in the end.

4) Start Marketing the Next Event

A favorable time for Corporate Event Planners to promote event registration is when attendees are already lining up the current year's event. CoinDesk did this magnificently by marketing their 2018 Consensus conference, which is one of the principal crypto conferences, while attendees were fixated on the 2017 conference.

5) Develop a PR Strategy

Given that cryptocurrency, blockchain, and fintech are all very hot topics, this is an opportune time for Corporate Event Planners to create a PR strategy. Contact a diversity of publications and pitch a story that speaks on your event and how it varied from the other blockchain and crypto conferences.

If you’re the type that prefers writing their own article, you can utilize tools like PR Newswire to submit your article to hundreds of different publications to increase your reach. Whatever technique you select, you’ll need some type of PR strategy to maintain the drive for your event.

At the close of the event, Corporate Event Planners need to devote sufficient time to analyze their event metrics and measuring how well they performed against the original goals. Having a dashboard with all the key metrics will be helpful.

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