5 Ways to Make the Event Planning Process Less Stressful

June 1, 2016 Susan Serena

Every NYC event planner knows that when it comes to starting the planning phase for an event, it can become quite stressful getting caught up in all of the small details. You may tend to forget about taking care of yourself in the midst of the chaos, although that’s something you should never allow to happen. Instead, showing yourself the type of attention that you not only deserve but have also earned can go a long way. Here are 5 Ways to Make Your Event Less Stressful:

1.  First and foremost, the event can’t go on without you so make sure you’re taking care of your body. Pamper yourself if need be and make sure you're allowing time in your schedule to decompress from your daily tasks. Eat clean, exercise, and rest as much as possible so that you’re in top condition to work your magic.

2. When you organize your checklist, make sure the bigger items are at the top of your list so that you chip away at the big stuff first. Things will flow and fall into place when you start with the major to-dos like booking the venue. Once you know where your event will be held, planning around the event location will become easier.

3. Get help! Having a team that will help you plan all of the event details will help you greatly. You can take a load off of your checklist by delegating tasks to others you can trust will follow through the same way you would.

4. Make your job fun by doing things you love in the background while you work. For example, listening to music or watching your favorite show as you work can help make your job more enjoyable. You won’t feel like all you do is work when you find ways to mix in your favorite things as you put your event plan altogether.

5. Sleep is vital to how well you are able to produce perfection in your event planning efforts. Just like you make a checklist of event planning duties, make a daily schedule that is realistic for you and that includes the right amount of hours for you to sleep. Your clients need you to perform at your very best and sleeping an appropriate amount of time will help you deliver what they expect from you.

Following these 5 ways to make the event planning process and the day of your event less stressful can help you enjoy what you do each day. You will not only be happy when you see the outcome of your work, but you will also have the energy to enjoy it. 

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