Tips for Planning the Menu for Your Event

June 3, 2016 Mario Stewart

With food pictures being one of the most uploaded things to all social media channels, your future clients have all become self-proclaimed food connoisseurs. The hashtag #foodies is one of the most popular out there so caterers in NYC must always be on their A-game when presenting a dish at just about every event. That means that as an event planner it is very important to know what foods are trending for events and how to make sure your client is getting the best bang for their buck.


Here are a couple of  tips for planning the menu for your event:

Action Stations for Your Event

If your client decided to pick 7 different hors d’oeuvres, try to play with the numbers because the per person price may total a similar amount to the cost of 4 hors d’oeuvres with two different interactive action stations. Action stations bring culinary excitement into every event, and the plates have larger portions than if single items were served on them.


Full Menu Options for Your NYC Event

There are plenty of places to play with the budget when it comes to planning an NYC event, but the menu should be an exception. Speak with your catering vendors and try to negotiate the per person price because more times than not, offering a full menu for your event is only a few more dollars.

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