5 Yummy Treats Your Guests Will Love

June 21, 2016 Mario Stewart

We know all you foodies out there are constantly on the hunt for the next great thing to munch on. As an event planner, it can be a struggle to pick out a menu item that not only we will like, but that our guests will enjoy as well. We all know that often times guests attend an event with the mindset of heading straight for the food to see all the deliciousness available. This makes it hard on the host, as you don’t want to disappoint and end up with unsatisfied guests. Here are some crowd-pleasing treat options that you can’t go wrong with!


Soft, Warm Pretzels

Who doesn’t love going to a baseball game or carnival and calling over the man carrying that big tray of warm breaded salty pretzels? Sigmund’s can provide your next event with handcrafted doughy pretzels that will melt in your mouth. You can rent your own pretzel cart that guests can stop by as many times as they like throughout the party. Choose from different sizes, flavors, and dipping sauces. Their mouthwatering flavors include churro, garlic, cheddar, truffle, and much, much more! Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Katie:Desktop:Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 4.42.04 PM.png

Check them out http://www.sigmundnyc.com/



Most people say dogs are a man’s best friend, but I say donuts are. They are an easy grab at a party plus you can lay them out to create a fun presentation or dessert table. Dough can provide your next party with dozens of freshly baked rich donuts, which you can order over the phone or in person. They make them in small batches to focus on the fullness of flavor and have many exciting flavors to choose from!  Their top sellers are hibiscus, nutella, chocolate cocoa nib, salted chocolate Carmel, passion fruit.

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Check them out at http://www.doughdoughnuts.com/


Cookie Dough

We all know that the true struggle of making cookies and trying to get to the final product without eating all the cookie dough straight from the bowl. Now instead of sneaking it, enjoy scoops of cookie dough at your next event with the help of Cookie DO. There are over 20 exquisite flavors to choose from in many different fashions. You can get them in jars, served like ice cream scoops, or as bite sized; regardless you’ll have none left over once your guests are through.

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Check them out at http://www.cookiedonyc.com/


Cupcakes in a jar

Now enjoy one of your favorite desserts in a new fashion, in a jar! Save your guests the sadness of taking one bite and watching the rest crumble to the floor, and enjoy some easier-to-consume cupcakes in a jar. Wicked good cupcakes can bring pure delight to your guests’ faces! Plus their jars are filled with two cupcakes to double the fun! They have many flavors for you to choose from, and they can even customize the tops or wrap labels for your event! After these freshly made moist masterpieces you may never want to eat a real cupcake again.

Check them out at https://www.wickedgoodcupcakes.com/


Food Trucks

The cheesier the better, right? For you cheese feigns out there you can book the Mac Truck NYC at your next party. Your guests can approach the truck and chose from the most appetizing cheesy delights such as their cheeseburger mac and cheese, buffalo chicken mac and cheese, fried mac and cheese bites, braised applewood bacon cheese, and many more creamy options. You and your guests will be in heaven as you enjoy the unlimited amounts cheesy options!

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Check them out at http://roaminghunger.com/mac-truck-nyc/

Savor all the mouthwatering treats open to you and all your guests. Its always fun to go out and try a few of these places and see what else they have to offer before you come to a decision on which will be catered at your next event. You won’t regret going with any of the appetizing options above! Have your guests raving about your event’s food for weeks to come!

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