How Technology is Affecting Event Planners in NYC

July 3, 2016 Susan Serena

The digital age has granted us the opportunity to make every aspect of event planning count in unique ways that didn’t exist years ago. Event Planners in NYC must take advantage of all of the innovative trends in event planning to be successful. As an event professional, you have the obligation to always stay in demand and rise to your client’s needs because they depend on your knowledge and expertise to create a unique experience that delivers productive results. That means that your event planning efforts must be authentic, entertaining, and nowadays…digitally enabled.

Using your skills each day as Event Planners in NYC will keep you relevant as you let your creative juices flow while creating a plan to impress your clients. It is up to you to be a creative genius that has mastered logistics, can produce joy, and will deliver an experience that will not only be talked about for quite some time, but that also makes the client trust you to manage their future events. Of course, you could choose to stay in the background while others surpass you with the use of modern technology in event planning, but if you’re looking to establish your brand and make a mark in the events industry, you’ll want to get up to date with all things digital in event planning.

The digital challenge for Event Planners in NYC is twofold – how to bind technology to convey your own message and maximizing opportunities to build robust communities for the events you are managing.

How Event Planners in NYC Should Build Their Business

Let’s go over powerful way ways to build our personal brand or business. Does your website

  • Have strong visual content that tells your brand’s story?
  • Communicate who you are to each visitor?
  • Attract clients that you seek to impress immediately?
  • Have optimization for mobile users?

Your event planning business is placed in the vortex of a total service and experience economy that has changed dramatically around us in a short period of time. Nothing has been unrulier than the embedding of mobile devices into our lives. People now have 24/7 access to other people, products, and services all around the globe. That also means that they have immediate access to you as well! Does this digital age lead to more efficiency for your business? Does it lead to more clients?

Understanding Digital Disruption in Event Planning

For every single decision your potential client makes, there are more choices available in an advanced magnitude that were unimaginable by previous generations. When people select a destination to travel to, they no longer look at a few selections. Now, clients look at 25 to 100 destinations before they decide where to book a vacation. By the same token, if you don’t have an event planning friendly website, great online reviews, a yelp listing that looks updated and active, a Facebook page that shows recent posts and engagement, a LinkedIn profile with your listed experience and skills – it will negatively impact your potential client’s decision to hire you. That also means that your vendors will lose confidence in your ability to bring in new business to them as well.

The bottom line is, you must be active online in order to sustain and build your event planning business. Event Planners in NYC have the potential to land a vast client base so long as they have:

  • An updated website that contains high-quality images, video, and is mobile friendly
  • A profile on all of the major social media channels
  • Business listings online with positive reviews
  • Engaging content with a call-to-action on every post, and
  • Informative guides and articles that help your potential clients trust that you know what you’re doing.


For more tools on how to become a successful event planner in NYC, be sure to get your tickets to The Event Planner Expo 2016.

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