7 Cocktail Drinks New York Event Planners Are Using to Create a Stir

May 9, 2018 Susan Serena

Drinks are drinks, right? How much effort do you really need to put in?

You’d be surprised how much of an impact these smaller details can make to your event attendees.

New York Event Planners are tying the event theme into the cocktail selections for many occasions. By doing so, they’re creating sponsorship opportunities and providing guests with Insta-worthy drinks that deliver diversity. If you’re looking for a way to add a unique twist to your event, create a stir by adding creative cocktails to the menu that are decorative, full of color, and don’t forget about presentation!

7 inspirational cocktail ideas for New York Event Planners to use at your next event.

1.Space Themed Cocktail

Holding an interstellar event? Why not match your drinks to the theme? New York Event Planners can opt for a galactic color palette, with bright hues and stacked gradients. Check out this amazing drink that was served at a convention during a networking break; the team used eye-catching colors and optimized the visual impact by presenting them with dry ice.

2.Glass Lashes Cocktail Drink

New York Event Planners enjoy adding neat decorative touches to make cocktails stand out. Keep embellishments connected with your brand, or the theme of your event, for maximum impact. When creating these drinks, they opted to include eyelashes on the cocktail glasses which could be the perfect decoration for a cosmetic industry event, a glam-themed dinner, or a bridal shower. A simple and effective way to set the tone of the occasion.

3.Cocktail Drink with Shaped Fruit

New York Event Planners can use the texture and shape of fruits to add an elegant twist to unfussy drinks. For an enhanced visual impact, go for the more unusual fruits like this elegant G&T; elevated by the inclusion of starfruit, pomegranate, and mint. Perfect for a summer fair or afternoon event.

4.Popsicle Spritzers Cocktail

A grown-up twist on the childhood summer favorite! Check out these mini popsicles, made from cocktail components, carefully presented in a wine glass with a bonus drink to enjoy. They’re visually impressive and thoroughly enticing!

5.Jellyfish Shot Cocktail

There are some cocktails that are so visually impressive, it makes you wonder how New York Event Planners crafted them! These components have been carefully fashioned to provide the illusion of a jellyfish, which makes this cocktail the perfect choice for an underwater-themed event. Options like this give the wow-factor and create memorability!

6.Foam Art Cocktail

The popularity of latte art has exploded in recent years, with ever more intricate designs poured atop your favorite coffee. Did you know that a similar effect can be enjoyed with a cocktail? This team has produced this stunning cocktail with sophisticated foam art, and a sprinkle of gorgeous dried petals that extends down the glass.

7.Color Swirls Cocktail

If you’re working with higher viscosity drinks they will have the perfect texture to hold a bold design. Cocktail creators can use swirls of color to create gorgeous effects, giving the illusion of tie-dye, abstract paintings, or even a galactic scene. In this example, the cocktail has become a canvas for the barista to create art. This is perfect for themed parties, or simply bringing the excitement of outside into your gathering!


New York Event Planners are making their event drinks intriguing and exciting which helps make up for other little details their client may not be able to afford. Creative cocktails can help you create immersive atmospheres and themes. It’s important to remember that sometimes less is more but be thoughtful and you’ll make the impact you’re looking for!

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