The 80s Called and Asked Event Planners in NYC to Bring Neon Back!

April 30, 2018 Susan Serena

Who said neon was only for the 80s?

Turns out it’s making a comeback with Event Planners in NYC, and not just on the clubbing scene.

The neon theme is being incorporated by Event Planners in NYC into various events, from corporate to kids parties so it’s time to get on board. If you’re looking to create an event with an illuminating pop of color, a neon theme is a great choice, so here are some cool neon event ideas to get you started.

Wall Bulbs

Event Planners in NYC can use wall decorations to cover your venue in colorful light. Neon installations can be arranged in infinite combinations; you may wish to spell out words related to the event, construct interesting shapes and artistic pieces, or simply line up differently-colored bulbs to create a rainbow effect. The versatility of wall bulbs makes them a handy decorative tool. Check out how these neon tubes have been used to help guests navigate around an event. A consistent color scheme or pattern, such as the alternating red and yellow used here, can provide a useful reference for attendees.

Meeting Room Arrows

Given the association with rave culture and energetic celebrations, it may not seem that neon pieces would be appropriate for a business meeting. However, Event Planners in NYC have been using subtle patterns and softer colors, your venue can benefit from decorative lighting that fits perfectly into the corporate world. In this meeting space, stylized white neon arrows provide an elegant twist that doesn’t detract from serious discussion.

Buffet Station

Event Planners in NYC can make the most of areas where guests will congregate and provide plenty of decoration at the entrance, bar, and dining areas. When hosting a neon-themed event, use glow-in-the-dark elements to enhance these spaces. Check out this bright and beautiful buffet station; the organizers have used balloons, stars, musical notes, and glow sticks to create an irresistible invitation to enjoy the treats on offer. If you look closely, you’ll notice that they have also crafted bar-themed signs showing that smaller details can make an impact.

Prop Tree

At this event, Event Planners in NYC have adorned a faux tree to bring the outside in with neon ribbons, pom-poms, and Slinkies. This adds texture and dimension to an item that would otherwise have faded into the background and gives a festival vibe. Instead, the clash of nature and neon makes this tree a conversation piece. This would work for outdoor events too, simply pick an existing structural element, furniture or foliage to decorate.

Wall Graffiti

If you’re working with younger guests, or simply wish to bring in some more edgy decoration for your event, why not utilize neon graffiti? Use bold lettering to welcome your guests, give them directions around the venue, and provide a backdrop for awesome photos. Work with a designer or local graffiti artist for an authentic look that is also sustainable and eco-friendly. At this event, the organizers emblazoned the wall with the name of the host, along with other design elements, such as a basketball player, drum kit, and keyboard.

Lighting Effects

As well as bulb installations and ultraviolet lamps, the use of light projectors or GOBOs will help to create the perfect ambiance for your event. Event Planners in NYC have almost limitless options when it comes to colors, shapes, and moving patterns which give you flexibility in finding the right projection design that could be a sponsored or branded idea. These baby themed GOBOs go for a blue and white neon option to set the tone without upstaging the other decorations to make sure the event vibes are just right.


Event Planners in NYC can make neon look classy and sophisticated, or for a younger crowd, it can be raver chic. Either way, it’s a theme that everyone enjoys and comes with plenty of ideas to incorporate into décor, activities and event design. Just remember that neon works better in darker conditions, otherwise, the colors don’t have the same “pop” and tend to fall a little flat.

For more event ideas, make sure to attend The Event Planner Expo in New York each year to stay on top of event trends!

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